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Your Favorite Housewives’ Vacuum Cleaner Is Massively Discounted Today!

One of the most useful tools in any housewife’s arsenal is a great vacuum cleaner, and one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market is majorly discounted right now.

There’s actually two vacuums that are on sale right now with a deep discount, but they’re practically identical.

First up, the Hoover T-Series UH70210 is practically the twin of the Hoover T-Series UH70120, except the former comes with a pet hairbrush, so you can cleanup after your furry friends.

Both of the vacuums are lightweight, so you don’t have to be a bodybuilder like Tamra Judge to lug one of these things around, and they also come with a legitimate HEPA filter, as well as retractable cords, so you don’t have to deal with that whole mess.

Typically, the 70210 is actually $30 more expensive versus its sibling, but today only $10 separates the two, and they’re both heavily discounted.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a vacuum, you should pull the trigger on one of these bad boys today.

Hoover T-Series 70210 Pet Vacuum – $75


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And here’s the non-pet version:

Hoover T-Series 70120 Vacuum Cleaner$65


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