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You Won’t Believe How Much Money The Real Housewives of Orange County Are Worth

The Real Housewives of Orange County are back, and these ladies are pulling in some major bank. Now, it comes as no surprise you Bravoholics would want to know how much these ladies are worth, and this is especially the case after we revealed the highest paid Real Housewives in general.

Now, that being said, we’re going to go ahead and give you the net worths of each Real Housewives of Orange County cast mate, so you can see who has the most cash in the bank!

*Note: Meghan, Heather, and Shannon’s net worths are combined with their husband, so keep that in mind while reading the list.

#1: Meghan King Edmonds

meghan king edmonds net worth

$40 Million

This one is probably going to come as a huge surprise to a lot of you, but you have to remember that Meghan is married to former baseball star: Jim Edmonds. This dude is a hustler, as when he finished up with baseball, he went on to be a sportscaster, coach, etc…

So, how much is Meghan worth if you took her husband out of the equation?

$5 million.

Therefore, in case you were just curious, Jim Edmonds net worth accounts for $35 million of Meghan’s.

However, the rest of the ladies’ have combined net worths, so it’s only fair that Meghan finds herself at the top of the pack.

#2: Heather Dubrow

heather dubrow net worth

$30 Million

This one probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, she has a plastic surgeon for a husband, Terry Dubrow, whom also has his very own reality television show. Also, Heather has a skin care line that adds to her bottom line, as well. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they’re currently working on their new mansion together.

#3: Shannon Beador

shannon beador net worth

$20 Million

Shannon Beador finds herself on the top of the list, mainly due to her husband’s construction company: Beador Construction Inc. which launched back in 1996. On average, the company rakes in around $13 million annually. Plus, the couple now have a smaller home, so you can bet they’re able to put some more green into their bank account.

#4: Vicki Gunvalson

vicki gunvalson net worth

$7 Million

In a huge step down, we have Vicki Gunvalson’s net worth. However, we’re definitely not knocking this chick for being in the single digits. After all, she’s proud of being a self-made woman, and an entrepreneur. Plus, with Brooks Ayers now in the past, you can bet she’ll focus her mind on more productive things that will add to her bottom line. Heck, she even has a perfume line.

#5: Tamra Judge

tamra judge net worth


Tamra isn’t in the millionaire’s club just yet, but we have faith that she’s well on her way to making it!

#6: Kelly Dodd

kelly dodd net worth


We didn’t forget about newcomer, Kelly Dodd, but the fact is — her financial information isn’t known just yet. However, you can bet this will change when she starts raking in the bucks by Bravo!  😆

So, who’s net worth surprised you the most out of the ladies from the OC?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • Lisa

    I can’t say I’m a fan of any of these women..Especially Tamra and Vicki..They are so nasty and vindictive. I started watching this show only recently and really don’t think much of it..If I were Shannon, I would leave David so FAST.. First of all, when those two are together, it’s hard to imagine why…They have ZERO chemistry. They don’t seem remotely compatible. They don’t have anything in common and Shannon seems to have an explosive temper..I’ve now seen it many times.. I think it’s immature and it’s just crazy..Maybe this is why he was seeing another woman.I’m willing to bet he’s been screwing around on her for years.. NOW? out of the blue..No she just happened to catch him this time..guaranteed.. .I don’t give him excuses but at the same time, what on earth do these people have in common. I see them as complete strangers the way they treat one another..Shannon seems to love boozing it up and now she’s gained over 50 lbs and she’s blaming it on David or other people.. Just leave him..You’ll get over $10 million as CA has community property and he’ll have to pay you out..It’s as simple as that..You two have nothing to gain being together..Brooks and Vickie..GROSS and I do mean how utterly disgusting that that sleazy man who I could literally see in about 2.5 seconds was a POS.. He’s a loser and had an agenda and Vicki lied for that jerk as he was lying his BUTT off about having cancer.HOW utterly grotesque..I believe Vicki’s daughter Brianna..That man is SCUM..She kept holding on to him because she’s so insecure and has ZERO self esteem because women like her continue to get into abusive relationships and lie..She and Tamra are revolting..Tamra is vindictive and sneaky and just uneducated. White trash is pretty much what sums it up… It’s gross.. That Heather is sometimes nice and sometimes an asshole.. She’s a trip.. She’s full of it and I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of her once in any way, shape or form as some actor..She’s NOT well known… She’s a D lister at best… “The rest ..eh, who cares… They’re all the exact same..Shannon is coming across as this pathetic woman..She could leave the guy..It’s beyond apparent that he’s a cheating philandering person..you can tell…It’s obvious and if she thinks this guy is faithful even now.. NO..He’s not..