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Yolanda Hadid Pulls Off Miraculous Recovery From Lyme Disease

Yolanda Hadid is apparently kicking Lyme Disease right in the @$$, because she’s getting back to her old, fit self.

After all, it’s not like she can spend her time gearing up for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, ever since she was kicked to the curb.

Now, just in case you’re wondering what Yolanda looked like just a show while ago:

yolanda hadid sick

As you can see, Yolanda was hooked up to tubes, and apparently wasn’t doing too well.


We also have this one of Yolanda looking like she’s on her death bed.

Yolanda Foster doing a heavy metal detox in a portable infrared sauna

And this is #ToasterYolanda. Actually, she’s chilling out in her own personal sauna.

Now, you may think that things were only going to get worse for Yolanda. In addition to the numerous pictures of her showing off her struggle with Lyme Disease, she made it sound like she was knocking on death’s door.

Heck, you’d think that the new of being taken off the cast of #RHOBH would just push Yo-Yo over the edge, but it looks like her life is turning completely around.

First, she posted this picture:

yolanda hadid modeling picture

Yolanda’s caption on the photo hinted that she may be getting back into the modeling industry; or trying, anyways.

Now, Yolanda has went on an image posting frenzy, as she’s becoming much more fitness conscious:

yolanda hadid horseback riding

Whether or not she was horseback riding, we don’t know. However, she definitely looks like she’s doing better, and at least she’s out of the bed.

yolanda hadid playing croquet

She even took in some croquet. Quite far from being zipped up in her own personal human oven.

yolanda hadid master cleanse

In addition to getting some vitamin D, and getting some exercise, she’s going on a master cleanse.

yolanda hadid strength training

And this is by far the most impressive of the pictures she shared. Yolanda says she’s strength training, and she’s dedicated to a healthy life.

Well, Bravoholics, it looks like Yolanda is on the recovery track, don’t it?

What do you think of Yolanda’s miraculous recovery?

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  • Kaymbee

    She has been seeking treatment for years and it’s working. I am happy for her. Are you insinuating something nefarious in her recovery?

  • ♡ Aimée ♡

    this is a petty article. especially since both parties have stated that Yolanda left the show of her own free will. Get over it already.

  • debragrimes

    she is doing great now that she got all that fake stuff taken out