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Yolanda Foster’s Personal Blog Gets Deleted!

So, for those of you that didn’t know, Yolanda Foster has her very own private blog. Typically, Bravolebrities will create their own blog on other platforms, when they feel like they’re not allowed to discuss what they want to discuss on their own Bravo blogs. However, Bravo doesn’t like this, and the stars of Bravo shows are actually contractually obligated to write blogs on the official Bravo site.

Just last year, Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules posted a blog she’d written up on her Tumblr, as Bravo wouldn’t allow her to post that specific write-up on her Bravo-hosted blog. Bravo told her to take it down, but Ariana actually refused to do-so. This sucks, because typically all we get as far as Vanderpump Rules blogs are concerned are those Q&A blogs. It would be nice to see them have a little more creative freedom when it comes to their Bravo blogs. It’s easy to see why some may decide to post elsewhere…

Now, back to Yolanda’s blog.

Yolanda had a WordPress-hosted personal blog up, and she actually changed the address on it a couple of times. This was the last link to Yolanda Foster’s personal blog: YolandaHadid

As you can see, you receive an error that the blog’s “Not Found,” when you click on the URL. That’s because she’s deleted the blog, and we can only assume it’s because Bravo didn’t like the content she was posting about. Below, you’ll see the content Yolanda had written for her blog.

Yolanda’s Personal Blog Content:

Dear Kyle, September 2015 After marinating on what went down yesterday i wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention; i am coming out of a 3 year ordeal of living in a mentally paralized cocoon, due to a infection in my brain called NEUROBORRELIOSIS something you might want to research in case you would like to have a better understanding of Lyme disease, the biggest global epedemic in today’s world. I arrived with a great attitude yesterday and proud of myself for making it out of bed and joining you girls. For you to go down so hard on me in order to create drama or what you think is good TV is beyond my understanding and it left me quite confused.

Living in a very isolated world i am not used to being attacked in such an unkind way. its taken me some time to digest it. As far as i knew Lisa Rinna and our incident was clearly resolved at Erica’s house. C.C is the producer of our show and as far as i know he is doing an excellent job. I do believe that the show is a collaboration of all of us but trying to co-produce with such a desperate measures felt extremely unauthentic to say the least. I am just trying to catch up and participate. I don’t need your pity but i do ask you kindly to respect my situation. Your lack of compassion and understanding is not a pretty look. I also would like to clarify with you that my deal with Bravo and Evolution was based on “the best of my ability” whether that is filming 3 or 30 times this season so i would appreciate it if you lower your expectations of how much i should participate in filming. Sitting at home, staring at the ceiling waiting for my brain to heal is not a choice for me but unfortunately the cards life has dealt me.

i am already feeling unaccomplished as it is, so please don’t make me feel like i am not holding up my part of the bargain here. If I was out living life with my family and friends, sitting front row at fashion week with my girls and not show up to work i would understand your frustration with me but unfortunately that is not the case. So Please trust me when i say; I am doing the best that i can! Like you I want to make the best show possible but I can’t do more then i do for reasons you will probably never understand. We have 2 strong beautiful new housewives (Erica & Kathrine) that given a chance could help make a great season.

Lets have coffee next week and talk about this further in person. yo

So, there you have it, Bravoholics. That was the content Yolanda had on her blog, before it was ultimately deleted. Chances are, Bravo didn’t like Yolanda getting too personal, and made her take it down.

If there’s anything.. ANYTHING.. the folks at Bravo hate, it’s a breach of contract, and it looks like Yolanda may have just done that. After all, remember what happened to Adrienne Maloof during season 3…

Yolanda may just not be coming back next season after this one, ladies and gentlemen… Stay tuned.

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  • BurrRobson

    May not be coming back? Yah Hooo!

  • SoftailBaby81

    Wow! I think Yo needs to get out of her self absorbed “cocoon” and do a little more research on what is “the biggest global epidemic in today’s worls”!!! #itsnotlymebrain

    • Yes, I thought the exact same thing. The biggest global epidemic…I don’t think so!

  • This “blog” post is actually the so-called email that Yolanda wrote to Kyle in the middle of the night (after going to lunch with her and the other ladies). You know, the email that she felt was ok to CC in the rest of the housewives (even though it was written to Kyle) about a situation that others weren’t involved in. Well, by CC’ing in everyone else, it’s now their business whether they like it or not apparently. And now we find out that she also took this email and posted it as a blog, for the entire world to see, hmmm. When the ladies read this email (and blog post) on the show, of course we didn’t get to hear the entire thing, especially those parts about her issues regarding the TV show, the producers, and the “authentic” subject matter that she had problems with.

    I’ve always liked Yolanda, but this season, not so much. I wish her well with whatever her medical issues are. I hope she can get her health back in check, and get back to being the Housewife that I always enjoyed watching!

  • Meredith

    She might not be coming back? Don’t threaten me with a good time! Yoland has hijacked this season, she is a Whiney bore,& if so sick I the viewer would have preferred she fit the season out. What was it Yolanda, your chronic lymes or you old corroded breast implants? Or the metal in your mouth? Your wackadoo treatments are not medically proven and my patience And sympathy are gone. Please please Bravo, take this woman off the air and put the viewing public out of the misery of watching this implosion.
    PS: what man would stay with that mess?

  • Yeah right!

    She needs time out to get better-she’s too emotional in her recovery and break up-she needs some space.

  • Danny Thomas

    I don’t believe anything yoland says ,wow man she had her fake titts removed and now shes better so what we must think is oh oh the lyme desease just has gone ,she is only happy when she is in the lime light that has been her way from the start of the show she tried to steal lisa vanderpums thunder wow big doozywith lisa being a real lady, yalanda was allways saying what a good dutch girl she is ,he who doth profess to much and all that ,she is now Yolanda hadid ,why? because hes getting ingaged to some young beautiful girl now she wants to have his name again ,well I am rather glad she took that root ,glad because she does not deserve the foster name he is a nice guy ,she never had lyme desese she is a manipulater the real people of this world know this she has done well out of both marriages ,