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Yolanda Foster Is In Surgery! See The Pic!

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, and Real Housewives of New York City hopeful, Yolanda Foster, 52, is still battling it out with Lyme Disease, even though she’s been posting a ton of pictures of herself living a very active lifestyle.

Apparently, she just wants to get her life back on track, despite the debilitating disease, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Her latest step is by having a surgical procedure known as Transvascular Autonomic Modulation, or TVAM for short.

In the latest picture shared by Yolanda, you can see her playing cards with her friend Paige, as well as Lyme Disease activist Daisy White.

Playing cards helped Yolanda calm her nerves, so they could get an accurate reading on her blood pressure, as well as her heart rate.

The TVAM procedure is still a relatively new procedure, and isn’t exactly a common procedure employed in the medical field.

That being said, Yolanda remains hopeful that this is going to be the last chapter in her Lyme Disease battle, and that she’ll be in remission by the time it’s all said and done.

Check out the picture below:

yolanda foster TVAM surgery

❤️I am seeking, I am striving and I am in it to win it with all of my heart………… #LymeDiseaseAwareness #TvamSurgery #LastChapter #SearchingForACure #RemissionInSight

Well, we certainly hope it works for you, Yolanda, and we wish you the absolute best.

So, what is TVAM, and what does the procedure consist of?

TVAM (Transvascular Autonomic Modulation) is an endovascular procedure in which a catheter is inserted via a small incision and threaded up into the jugular vein. Treatment involves stretching the vein with small catheters, activating autonomic nerve fibers located within the outer tissues of the vein. By stimulating the nerve fibers, we activate the venous distension reflex leading to increased sympathetic tone. The reinvigorated ANS (autonomic nervous system) optimizes function of the body. Patients respond with relief from cognitive impairment (brain fog), chronic fatigue, waking headaches, thermal intolerance, bladder/bowel dysfunction, and other debilitating symptoms of autonomic dysfunction. –

Source: Autonomic Specialists

The procedure typically takes less than an hour to perform, and the recovery period doesn’t take long at all. Usually, patients don’t experience any sort of discomfort, or anything of that nature.

After 48 hours, Yolanda will be able to go back home and enjoy life — hopefully without the staggering effects of Lyme Disease.

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