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Yolanda Foster and Erika Girardi: We Want Our Own Spin-Off Show!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came to a very dramatic close recently, and we honestly don’t know if the cast is ever going to be the same after such an intense season. Heck, even Lisa Vanderpump has said that she doesn’t know if she’s going to return for the next season of the Real Housewives.

Erika Jayne Pat The Puss Gif

That being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her other cast mates are looking into departing #RHOBH, as well. According to reports, Yolanda Foster and Erika Girardi want their own spin-off show.

A lot of people doubted Yolanda’s lyme disease claims, but Girardi, 44, stood by her side the whole time. These two apparently have an unbreakable friendship, and they think they’d be a perfect couple to do a Bravo spin-off show.

Erika and Yolanda say that they know they’re fan favorites, because they’re always there for each other, and there’s no backstabbing between them.

They even know what the spin-off show could be about! They say that it could feature Yolanda and her life post-divorce, while Erika focuses on growing her career as a performer.

So, are these two realistically going to get their very own show?


A source close to the two have spoken out on this whole situation, saying that Erika and Yolanda aren’t exactly as close as they’d like everyone to think. Granted, they do talk to each other, but they’re not really genuine friends, let alone best friends.

Even though these two may think of themselves as being fan favorites, we just don’t see them being able to pull in the viewer base they’d need to have in order to sustain a spin-off show.

So, what do you all think? Should these two get their own show? Would you watch it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

I mean, it could have its entertaining moments… No?

Yolanda Foster doing a heavy metal detox in a portable infrared sauna

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  • Buddy Buddy

    I would watch Erika, but I don’t care if I never see Yolanda ever, ever again. Stay on RHOBH, Erika, please. Yolanda, stay home and take care of Anwar.

  • Gotchindi

    Not in a million years, Yolanda is desperate and Erika is so fake it’s not funny, would love to see the last of both of them.