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Wrapping Up Rachel Zoe Project Season 5; Can We Expect Season 6?


I should preface this by saying that I’ve been a Rachel Zoe diehard since the beginning. To the point where, after the first season, two friends and I went as Rachel & her (now-estranged) assistants Brad & Taylor for Halloween.  Her show was a wouldn’t-miss-it whirlwind of celebrities, fashion, and her unique boho-diva persona. Rachel even coined her own material-girl-meets-valley-girl dialect. If you need a refresher course on Rachel lingo check this guide out. Let’s just say, I die!

Well, 5 seasons, countless assistants, a clothing line, and a baby later, Rachel Zoe just isn’t quite the same. And, fittingly, this seemed to be the theme of Wednesday’s Season 5 finale. I’m not just talking the five (count ’em) dress changes Rachel went through in trying to shoot her latest book cover concluding in a cascading gold lamé gown that made Rachel feel like “herself”. Rachel also had a chat with her makeup-artist/friend Joey about how much more mellow she is now than when they first met.  And then she and Rodger have a convo about how she still has to pinch herself at how far her styling and designing career has come since she started out of clothing racks in their garage.

To me, it seems like the biggest difference has been what the show is actually about. It used to be about Rachel dressing her celebrity clientele and all the red-carpet looks she put them in. There were personality conflicts between Rachel and her interesting-in-their-own-right assistants.  There was drama about meeting deadlines and the cut-throat world of dressing movie stars for the Oscars. Now, it seems that Rachel only employs yes-girls who not only agree with everything she says but actually imitate the way she talks. Even Rodger seems to speak fluent Rachel and there’s something unsettling about a grown man cooing “Oh my Gaaawwwd” in a baby voice while picking out a Grateful Dead tee-shirt for his son. I believe we only saw Rachel dress one celebrity, Jamie King, this season and that was for a photo shoot–where were the Oscars? I couldn’t wait to see the behind-the-scenes drama that resulted in client Anne Hathaway’s pale pink Prada Oscar’s dress, touted by critics as a last minute change and a resounding fashion miss. But nope, most of what we saw this season was Rachel working on her (arguably) flailing clothing/accessory line, disagreeing with Rodger about buying an apartment in New York and having another baby, or shopping.

And, the ratings speak for themselves–this season received the lowest thus far. the-rachel-zoe-project-stressed

All this being said, I’m still a fan. I still hope we get to see Rachel back for Season 6. But what I also hope is that rather than focusing on how far she’s come, we get to see Rachel get back to her celebrity styling roots. I think The Rachel Zoe Project was a success originally because people like to see movie stars and supermodels play dress up in amazing clothes. We loved getting that insider glimpse at what goes into the seemingly effortless perfection we see gracing red carpets and the pages of magazines. And we loved that it was delivered to us by such a compellingly idiosyncratic person: Rachel Zoe.

There’s been lots of talk about this being The Rachel Zoe Project’s final season but Bravo’s statement to E Online was: “Rachel and Brad [Goreski] are currently airing and NO decision has been made for the next season.” Does this mean we may not have long to wait for an actual answer, now that the show is not currently airing anymore?

We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we hear anything definitive.

What do you think? Has The Rachel Zoe Project run it’s course or are you holding out hope for redemption in Season 6?  


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  • Jamie Washington

    Please. I’m am older, 50 yr.old woman (which can help show you the demographics) who LOVES the Rachel Zoe show like crazy I’ve kept the reruns & I watch them over & over & over. Please renew the show.Thank you. It’s my only enjoyment since my husband died. Thank you very much. Blessings. .

  • Angela I

    I love Rachel and the whole gang, there must be a season 6