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Will Thomas Ravenel Of Southern Charm Get Full Custody Of His Kids?

Let’s face it, Bravoholics, things certainly aren’t looking all that great right now if you’re Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis.

It’s been reported that she fled to Malibu, California to check herself into rehab, so she’d have a better shot in the courts as far as the custody battle goes between her and her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

Apparently, she failed a drug test, and she needs help, because that’s definitely not a good look for her when it comes to being a parent.

Even though she checked herself into rehab, it was rumored that she wasn’t cooperating, bolted out, and went on a bender with some skeezy shirtless dude at a random California motel.

During this time, Kathryn also fired up her Twitter account, which she’d practically been absent from, and returned to going on rampages, which is exactly the same behavior she displayed before she was trying to get sober. This also lends to the rumors that Kathryn suffered a relapse.

T-Rav, on the other hand, has practically became super dad ever since Kathryn has been absent. If you follow his social media account, you’ll find tons of pictures of him hanging being the best parent he can be to Kensington and Saint.

It truly looks like T-Rav is having the time of his life with his kids, and that’s all that matters.

All this time T-Rav is spending with the kids is going to look great on him, while Kathryn apparently bouncing in-and-out of rehab, hanging out with dudes in the parking lot, going on Twitter rants, and shopping sprees is not going to look so hot.

Thomas wants to co-parent the children with Kathryn, but if he wanted to get down and dirty about everything, he could definitely try to go after full custody of the children, and he’d have a very strong case.

  • In South Carolina, a parent’s rights can be revoked if the parent hasn’t visited their child within a 6 month timeframe.
  • The parent has an addiction problem that isn’t likely to be remedied in a given amount of time.
  • If a child has had to leave their home for over 6 months, due to conditions of the parent.

Whether or not Thomas will seek full custody has yet to be seen, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how Kathryn was apparently keeping the kids away from him at one point.

Let’s just hope Kathryn can get her shit together for the children’s sake.

As for Thomas, you’re being an unbelievable parent, and we enjoy the pictures of little Kensie and Saint!

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