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Will RHOM Return for Season 4?

The Real Housewives of Miami - Season 3

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 finished up last week and, in case you missed it and/or have been living under a rock, the reunion was utter insanity! I had the chance to speak with Alexia Echevarria on Tuesday before the reunion part 1 aired and boy was she not kidding when she told me it would be like no other Housewives reunion ever. There were accusations of hard-partying, prostitution, gay husbands, and even more that went unsaid thanks to the ladies not wanting to go “below the belt”. Even the makeup artists got involved back-stage! Andy Cohen looked like he could barely stand being in the midst of all the back-and-forth.

But what did viewers think? According to TV by the Numbers’ ratings, The Reunion Part 1 brought 1.07 million viewers and Part 2 saw 1 million viewers. Season 3 overall saw the worst ratings yet for the Miami ladies and, in fact, the worst-ever ratings for any Real Housewives season since 2006. To put it in perspective, less than half as many people tuned in for RHOM Season 3 as RHONJ’s 5th season, which also ended recently. Ouch…

Those numbers don’t seem to bode well for the chances of seeing RHOM Season 4 get the green light anytime soon. Rumors have been circulating that we will hear about cancellation soon but at this point we have nothing concrete to go on. When I spoke with Alexia it sounded like she was looking toward season 4; we talked about what she’d like viewers to see more of and whether she thinks there needs to be casting changes. But, of course, the Housewives probably know about as much as we do right now. Here’s what Lea Black had to say recently in an interview with RumorFix:

“In previous years they never made the decision until mid January or later. I am not speaking on behalf of anyone but my personal understanding is that they evaluate iTunes sales, on demand, Direct TV, reruns, Tivo, and all the data. To my knowledge no decisions have been made.”

So, perhaps there’s still hope for RHOM Season 4? If anything should give us a reason to hope it was that crazy reunion. The ladies really brought their drama A-game and, while it was not a very pleasant day for any of them, it may just have saved their reality TV lives. Some of them, anyways. What would REALLY surprise me is if we saw the same cast for Season 4. My guess is that Bravo will want to give Miami a pretty major shakeup casting-wise and see how that plays out for one more (perhaps shorter) season. That being said, I’d be hard pressed to pick which Housewives should go. My first thought is to maybe get rid of Joanna Krupa and Lea Black to get away from some of the division that’s been plaguing the current cast. But with Lea the proclaimed HBIC (Head B**** In Charge), would they really want to get rid of her (and her celebrity-soaked annual Gala to boot)? I’m sure these are the questions running through Bravo producers’ minds right now.

What do you think? Should Bravo bring back The Real Housewives of Miami for Season 4? And, if so, which Housewives do you think should go?

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  • valerie

    Get rid of Joanna, that will help! What a narcissistic evil person, cant stand to watch her. # teambrandi

  • pcofwork

    I really hope that they bring back RHOM for another season. I love Joanna! Get rid of Adriana, she’s an idiot. Plus, while I think she’s sweet, Lisa is boring.

  • Bernadetta Pieklo-Soja

    If it was back it should be for real reasons and issues we are dealing in our everyday lives. Its NOT about the bling,bling and $10,000 purses. People worry how to pay a bill or feed their families. And these bitches have nothing better to do. I would love to be on the SHOW, I’m Polish, live in Miami and bring me aboard!!! Don’t really have a comment as far as who should leave?!? Maybe Joanna and let a new Polish chic step IN or join in. That could be a DRAMA!!! I’m a model/actress too!!! 😉 Mwow…..

  • Amanda

    I think they need to Bring back RHOM for a season 4. They should bring back Karent, maybe bring in a new face to the show as well. I really enjoyed seeing Alexia this season it was actually a sigh of relief to see one lady be above the drama 95% of the time. I think Alexia brings a neutral vibe, and I love that. I really didn’t enjoy Lisa as much this season, I feel she did better last season, I think Marysol shouldn’t have been in season 3 for the simple fact that she was going through alot. I love my Joanna I think she’s great I enjoy seeing her most of the time mostly because she’s outspoken, and she doesn’t put up with bs. I can’t stand Adriana I’ve disliked her since season 1. I would say get rid of Adriana. I’m glad Ana wasn’t in this season she’s a bitter person inside, and has a wall up that anyone can see from a 100 miles away. I like Lea to.

  • Lagunaseca

    I guess that the “new” housewife would be Bethenny Frankel.

  • Sip

    Bring it back!!!! I love Alexia she’s got money, class and most importantly family is the most important!!! There needs To be season 4

  • k s


  • Matteo

    To save this show they need a MAJOR FACE LIFT bigger than Lisa’s and for the 100th billion time and make it AMAZING.. This show came season 1 with the newly updated intro with a first more normal unqiue song and a poor cast a total fail.. they renewed it with a whole new big cast and the now modern intro with a legitimate song unlike the rest. That was fabulous and full of drama and did alright in ratings they came back not many changes other than really pretty and unique filming techniques with not a cast change but a huge droppppppp in the cast which was an awful idea! When they do 5 person casts these shows seem so boring and plain and sooo small instead of 6 or 7 where they should all be at. And they brought back the most annoying ALEXIA omg she’s a disgust. For Lisa I totally love her and you really can’t hate her. She’s the one that’s the nice girl and the peace maker and tries to make everything alright and stop the drama and her face is so peculiar her skin looks like plastic literally her lips filled in the rest of the cast she’s gorgeous and I don’t care about her age she looks much better the way she does but she needs to become the ring leader here. She needs to not let Joanna disrespect her any longer because Joanna is a complete immature mess!!!!!! She’s beautiful so is Roman she’s interesting she loves animals she came in on season 2 and became the boss here and although it was needles in our ears with her immature drama she was trying to boil up everything she could in s3 with her frenemy Lisa and try to save this show and make this small cast a whole bunch of scandals and terror and the most shocking drama in the world as Alexia would probably say about Miami dear god. SO their problems. They demote Alexia by her choice then they bring her back which was a mistake and they usually don’t do that often. Then the one we all love Marysol demotes herself to take care of Elsa.. so if they do the same thing with her & bring her back too it would be a disaster for the casting changes of the future of Miami. Of course we need her to still be Recurring because we love her and Elsa (who needs her airtime back) it’s not a big deal when the same Friend of the HW is on for awhile so that’s alright but Alexia she gets cut for good and I think they need to do something nuts and give the veteran award to Adriana whether she was married 10 years ago or last week she is the realest she was the most controversial one the first season and she’s stayed up to par with her storyline has kept it running at that same speed LEA is a monster she’s also incredibly annoying she doesn’t get over things from the past she’s a witch and a bitch and the major shake up she needs to go! Lisa is forever and sad little beautiful Joanna gets to stay and get torn apart especially since she apparently hates that she’s stuck on this show!! Down to 3.. In my dreams for some ideas with new girls new drama I think they need to bring in an African girl cause they never really mix one into the group they done it once with DC.. she can be very beautiful tall modelesque really into fashion maybe she can be bald and not wear weaves and has a very unique high class Miami look we want to see. give her some neon pink lipstick on massive lips. Maybe venture on past the Cubans and pick out someone like a Peruvian or Ecuadorian who is super fucking hot. Maybe another Botox face Barbie bitch with a dirty Miami escort prostitute past and someone super rich and high class over the top with tons of fillers and resembles Yolanda or something and make her very stuck up, as well as bring in another face for a new Friend of the Wives keeping it a large cast. The girls can attend higher elite parties show a lot more of the Miami culture and the beaches and the beauty of it all and give us some of that neon light flamingo vice city feeling. GO to a party on yachts and at the Versace mansion — get Donatella to premier in an episode or two or some other extremely high end designers like Armani or Valentino and other famous faces. You know with a new cast of wives to finally stay put and make this show alive and live on we need them over the top richer than ever fancy sexy we need more faces like Elsa’s and tans and sexiness and neon and Versace Versace Versace maybe pray they have a fist fight this time with the ladies for gods sake throw some fists slap some faces scream until you belong in an asylum and give us the scandalous insane over the top drama Miami has…. as Alexia would say.

  • Shelwin

    Bring it back without Lisa and Joanna! I love the show. Bring back Marysol, full time, and make her friend, the transsexual woman, a regular (not Lea’s trashy crossdresser friend, the event host). Or bring back Joanna, without Lisa. However, I’ll take it back any way provided. It’s the only housewives show I enjoy and watch – without fail

  • Jlapio

    Bring it back omg …the ratings will get better. Everyone wants to know if lisa and hubby finally end up with the baby of their dreams and even Joanna is boring but always starts some drama so I like her for the show and same with lea