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Kristen Doute after her accident which caused her to have plastic surgery.

Why Kristen Doute Has A “Puffy Face”

This topic is a little bit old, but we still get a ton of questions as to why Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules has a puffy face, or looks like she has had plastic surgery. Well, it’s true that Kristen does look quite a bit different, and for a decent while, her face may have looked to be a bit puffy.

So, did she really have plastic surgery? Yes, she did, but it’s not for the reasons that most people have plastic surgery. Kristen recently admitted on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, that she was involved in an accident that forced her to have some work done.

I got into an accident in October, and I have three fractures to my face. So the first week of November, I had reconstructive surgery, so now I’m a bionic woman. I have three titanium plates, so I’m very swollen still all throughout here. The big bummer, speaking of fillers, was that I actually had just gotten fillers like two weeks before that. What a waste.

So, there you have it, Bravoholics. Kristen did in fact have some work done, but it’s not because of what you thought. A lot of people out there thought that Kristen was getting some work done after calling it quits with James Kennedy, but that’s clearly not the case.

What was this nasty accident that caused Kristen to become bionic woman, as she called it? Read on…

I tripped and fell getting out of an Uber, and I smacked my face on the bumper.

Ouch!!! That’s can’t feel good!

Either way, Kristen isn’t letting it keep her down. Instead, she found a bit of humor in the whole ordeal and used the accident to pull off an hilarious Halloween costume:

kristen doute with a black eye

Love or hate her, you have to give it up to her for such an amazing Halloween costume.

Through some of our Twitter posts, we’ve found out that a lot of you aren’t particularly keen of James Kennedy. That being said, we have a little bit of a treat for all of you! Do you want to find out why Kristen gave him a chance? Andy gets to the bottom of it in the video below:

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