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Whoop It Up For Cinco De Mayo With These Housewives GIFs!

How are all of you Bravoholics doing out there today!?! As you all know, it’s Cinco De Mayo, which is one of the greatest days freakin’ ever, as it gives us all an excuse to party down like our beloved Sonja Morgan, and not feel bad about it in the morning.

Since Cinco De Mayo is here, and Bravo shows like The Real Housewives have no shortage of uh-may-zing drunken moments, we decided to share some of our favorite drunken GIFs from some of our favorite Bravo shows to help you get Hasselhoff drunk.

all the alcohol
And we support you in your endeavors!!
brand glanville wasted
Is there any other way??
clothes falling off
When I drink, all the girls come out and play! Caption by: @xochristalynn
drink quickly
After talking to these ladies, I need two more of these. Caption by: @xochristalynn
Peer pressure can’t be all that bad when there’s alcohol involved… can it?
All the more reason to get wasted!
inspect the drink
Pinot or pee? Caption by: @BingoBeeb
peter from vanderpump rules with some shakers
Peter is mixin’em up for Cinco De Mayo… If only he were our bartender.
lisa vanderpump taking a shot
Lisa is definitely going to need more of these after season 6..
lvp better be vodka
“That better be vodka Ken just found the receipt for my reunion dress” – Caption By: @cosmocazz
I think I’ll pass on this one…
rhobh cinco de mayo music
And when you need some music to boogie down to while you drink…
rhonj fight
Remember to drink responsibly and take care of each other! You don’t want something like the above happening in your group.
rhonj drinking
Ta hell with a glass!
Sounds like a plan we can get behind.
Pinky up!
…But that’s none of my business…. – Caption By: @RealityFloozy
Haters Gonna Hate – Caption By: @RealityFloozy
Watch me nae nae – Caption By: @Sbk_Photo
A girl has to have her hobbies.
this is fun
Now you’re getting in the spirit!
mixing a drink
When you’re trying to mix a drink, but there’s some real sh*t going down in the background…
Blink. Bitch Be Gone. – Caption By: @RealityFloozy
use a drink
Yes, please!
When your girlfriend starts drunk texting her ex…
What did you just say about my sombrero?
No problemo!
who isnt
We can’t argue with that logic.
Let's whoop it up, baby!
Let’s whoop it up, baby!

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