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Whitney Sudler-Smith Working On New Shows “Like Southern Charm”

Yesterday we had a couple posts that were revolving around Southern Charm star, Patricia Altschul.

First, there was this post, in which many people believe Patricia was trying to trigger Kathryn Dennis while she’s currently pulling a stint in rehab.

After Patricia found out we reported on the news, she took to Twitter to defend herself, saying that she didn’t post the picture with any malevolent intent.

Of course, you have Patricia supporters that believe she was just sharing a picture, and you have #TeamKathryn supporters saying that Patricia was definitely in the wrong.

Whoever you believe is completely up to you, but we did find out something very interesting…

Patricia’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith is developing some new shows that are similar to Southern Charm.

And yes, in case you didn’t know, Whitney isn’t only a cast member of Southern Charm — he’s also the producer of the show.

Check out Patricia’s tweet for confirmation:

Patricia Altschul tweet about southern charm

Unfortunately, we don’t have anymore information, but you can definitely color us interested.

  • Will Whitney play a role on the new shows, or will he stay behind the camera?
  • What will the new shows be called?
  • Will they be featured on Bravo, or is he taking them to another station?

Ugh, there’s so many questions we have. This could definitely explain why he’s spending much more time in Los Angeles, though.

So, what do you Bravoholics think about Whitney working on some new material? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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