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Which Bravo Shows Will be Renewed in 2014?

Lately, I’ve been getting some questions about whether or not specific shows will be returning for new seasons in the new year. With SO many new and returning shows having aired in 2013, there’s a lot to stay on top of. Lately, Bravo has taken to announcing a show’s renewal pretty immediately after the season ends, but that isn’t always the case. So, it can be difficult to figure out if any given Bravo series will be returning and I completely understand why so many fans have questions about the future of their favorite shows.

A lot of what I do in making predictions about the future of any series is a guessing game. Did this show have enough drama? Did that show have too much controversy? Not enough? Has so-and-so been spotted filming since last season wrapped? What has he/she been saying on Twitter? Ultimately, though, it’s become apparent to me that most of the renewal decisions come down to the numbers. The important question is: how many people tuned it?

To answer this, I’d like to introduce you (if you aren’t already familiar) to a very informative site called Bravo Ratings. It is run by none other than Simon van Kempen, former Househusband on The Real Housewives of New York City.

simon van kempen

Yep, that’s the one! Pleather pants not-withstanding, Simon covers Bravo TV like none other. Whenever I have a question about how a particular series is doing ratings-wise, Bravo Ratings is my first stop. He creates the most engaging and accessible content about what, otherwise, might be a very dry subject:  the numbers behind television network exec decisions.

So, to answer the question about which Bravo shows will be renewed in 2014, let’s turn to Bravo Ratings. This post is from a couple of months ago but I find myself going back to it time and again. I’m going to share with you the chart of all charts, the holy grail of Bravo renewal secrets. Simon has ranked every Bravo series from 2013 (up until this was published on October 30) in order of the size of its audience. When you look at it this way it becomes pretty clear which shows will and which won’t make the renewal cut. For his insight and analysis, check out the full article here.

Bravo TV Cancel/Renewal Ratings Predictions 2013
RankSeriesSeasonPremiereDayAudience18-49 AudienceStatus
3Shahs of Sunset211-Mar-12Sun1,928,1541,155,231YES
6Married to Medicine124-Mar-13Sun1,579,000931,083YES
7Vanderpump Rules17-Jan-13Mon1,485,700865,100YES
8Top Chef – Seattle108-Mar-06Wed1,438,235797,471YES
9Below Deck11-Jul-13Mon1,315,091771,636YES
10I Dream of Nene117-Sep-13Tue1,533,143731,286??
11Tamra’s OC Wedding12-Sep-13Mon1,371,333677,333??
12Millionaire Matchmaker622-Jan-08Tue1,092,308635,769YES
13Top Chef – New Orleans118-Mar-06Wed1,246,250635,750YES
14Don’t be Tardy226-Apr-12Tue1,070,833626,583??
15Newlyweds: The First Year16-May-13Mon1,042,125612,875YES
16Million Dollar Listing LA65-Aug-08Wed1,273,083590,750YES
17Million Dollar Listing NY47-Mar-12Wed1,067,417578,250YES
19Princesses: Long Island12-Jun-13Sun892,400517,100??
20Fashion Queens117-Mar-13Sun979,222No InfoYES
21Top Chef Masters510-Jun-09Wed985,300502,000??
22Tabatha Takes Over520-Aug-08Thu840,750463,667??
24Interior Therapy214-Mar-12Tue1,052,600459,000??
23The New Atlanta117-Sep-13Tue869,250457,750No
25LA Shrinks14-Mar-13Mon673,000406,125No
26Kandi Factory19-Apr-13Tue718,125398,500No
27Chef Roble & Co24-Dec-11Wed720,375385,250No
28Rachel Zoe Project59-Sep-08Wed642,125358,375No
29Million Dollar Decorators213-Nov-12Wed651,375328,500No
30It’s a Brad, Brad World22-Jan-12Tue570,375314,875No
31Dukes of Melrose16-Mar-13Wed495,167263,917No
32People’s Couch16-Oct-13Sun473,000No Info??
34Property Envy19-Jul-13Tue537,500231,083No
35Styled to Rock125-Oct-13Fri472,000223,000No
36Eat Drink Love111-Aug-13Thu386,000215,750No

What do you think of Simon’s predictions? Do you think it’s really as much of a numbers game as this seems?

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