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What’s in Store for RHOBH Season 4?

In true Housewives fan tradition, as soon as the cameras stopped rolling on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion, we were already expecting rumors about what’s to come for Season 4. But  this time, the speculation actually started during the Reunion itself! If you caught it, you may remember that Andy played a little trick on the ladies, saying he had the newest Housewife back stage and was about to bring her out.  We loved the eye-popping expressions on the ladies’ faces but were a little disappointed to find that there was, in reality, no big reveal.


So, we thought we’d roundup the rumors and gossip about what’s coming down the pipeline for next season, and throw in a few of our own predictions as well.

Of course, the first question is: who’s being cast? As far as returning cast members go, it’s looking like most of the ladies will be back…with the obvious exception of Adrienne. Anyone who caught the Reunion already knows that bit of news thanks to Andy’s explanation of her absence. Best of luck, Ms. Maloof! We know for sure that Lisa Vanderpump will  be back because Bravo has filmed at her performances on Dancing with the Stars. RHOBHAtDWTS

“The Housewives are here filming, and it’s an incredible experience,” Lisa revealed. 

Lisa’s current BFF, Brandi Glanville, ex BFF, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards were all there cheering Lisa on so we’re guessing they’ve re-signed too.  (Although Kim was notably absent from the Bravo Upfronts for whatever that’s worth?) And, more surprisingly, Taylor Armstrong was also in attendance at Dancing even though we’re still hearing very recent reports say she is “on the chopping block” and being considered a “temporary” until casting is fully confirmed. Side note: despite her fellow castmates support, Lisa got voted off DWTS in week 4.

Yolanda has confirmed that she’ll be back, telling E! News “This weekend you know we already started shooting the next season so we’re already moving on to new times”.

Camille Grammer is out, as is Faye Resnick, who, in her usual dramatic fashion, claimed that the show was “ruining her life“, after receiving an abundance of hateful tweets. Marisa Zanuck is reportedly being considered to move into a full-time cast member role despite a rather confusing blog post by her that sounded a lot like goodbye. (Later, she said she only meant goodbye to Season 3.) She tweeted: To answer many of those who are asking!! I’m not sure if I will be asked back to the show for season 4. We all have to wait and see!!!

Now, on to the newbies!

lisa-rinnaOne name that’s been floating around is Lisa Rinna. Apparently, she had been considered for the show as early as the first season but opted to film her own (short-lived) reality show Harry Loves Lisa. The most recent update we’re hearing, though, is that she’s a no go.




There’s been talk about former Extra host Dayna Devon. She’s certainly got the work experience, having already starred in TLC’s Plastic Wives with her husband, famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Brent Moelleken.




baronessvonneumannAnd finally, there’s been a lot of chatter about Baroness Monica Von Neumann joining the cast. Radar Online reported that she had been brought in by produces in for a meeting in February and that it “went really well. She had them cracking up. The producers asked about her past, where she lived, and why she’s a Baroness. They appear to really love the idea of having her on the show.”





No new additions are officially confirmed as of yet but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes and ears open and report back!




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