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What About Gallery Girls Season 2?


We noticed the absence of Gallery Girls in Bravo’s recent announcement of upcoming (summer & fall) series and couldn’t help but wonder what it means. Are those of us who had been hoping for a season two just out of luck? Since Bravo has been silent on the topic we’ve been doing our own research trying to track down any potential hints on the 2nd coming of our favorite NYC art world girls.

When the first season wrapped last fall several of the ladies gave interviews which broached the topic of season 2.



Maggie Schaffer, when asked about a second season, said: “Hopefully there will     be one,  I would love to do a second season, but it’s still up in the air.” At least we know she’d be on board!





Chantal Chadwick wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about the prospects of reappearing on Bravo, or TV at all for that matter, insisting that she hasn’t heard anything about a second season “but if there is one, I’m not going to be on it. I think that that was my last gig on television.” Well, that’s pretty definitive… hopefully her lack of interest isn’t a contributing factor to what, so far, is no news of continued production.





Finally, when asked if the End of Century ladies would be reappearing for a second season, all Claudia Martinez-Reardon had to say was “I don’t think we know or really…care.” While we’re loving the stereotypical Brooklyn hipster nonchalance, she isn’t giving us much of a scoop!



In an effort to track down the real story about what’s going on behind the scenes, BravoWatch has reached out to two of the other ladies: Amy Poliakoff and Angela Pham so hopefully we’ll have more insider info for you in the near future! Stay tuned!


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  • Kitton

    Eagerly waiting on a second season! C’mon bravo!

    • Lili Klein

      Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Gallery Girl Amy Poliakoff!

  • Vince

    I tweeted Amy. She told me to ask Bravo. The girls are clearly in the dark. I don’t think there will be a second season. If there was, we’d have info and the girls would be out in the media more than they are.

    It’s upsetting I really loved this show. One of the only reality shows I kept up with.

    • Lili Klein

      Ya, we’re still in the dark too and haven’t received Amy’s answers yet. Bummer! We’ll be sure to keep you posted if we find out more.


    Hope it’s cancelled

  • Stacy

    If you bring back an art show bring back Work of Art that you canceled to show this awful show.

  • Susan Peare

    I loved the gallery girls. Hope it comes back. I thought it was young and fun.

  • ak

    I hope it comes back, it was fun making fun of all the hipsters on the show. I enjoyed Liz’s analysis of hipsters-right away I was like, ‘I like this girl!’ And that one EOC girl only gave Liz a chance when she saw her tatoos! So funny to see hipsters show how shallow they really are.

  • Ann Marie

    I LOVED this show — where did it go?! Where are they now?!