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Watch What Happens Live Is Getting Some Major Upgrades!

Watch What Happens Live is the central hub that all of us Bravo fans flock to every time it’s on. As a matter of fact, when I think of Bravo, I always think of Andy Cohen, which leads me to think of #WWHL.

That being said, #WWHL is like the unsung hero of Bravo programming, and it’s finally getting some upgrades that it deserves.

There’s going to be a few upcoming changes, and one of the most significant is the fact that the show is being renamed from ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ to ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.’

In other words, it’s not a major change or anything of that nature, but Andy’s getting a little bit more recognition for his contributions, which is pretty cool.

The set of the show is also going to get an upgrade.

Here’s what Andy had to say about the upcoming changes:

Our new clubhouse is the perfect upgrade for us because it won’t lose any of the intimacy or lunacy provided by our current home. We’re going from an audience of 22 to about 50, plus we have roof access and a whole lot of new surprises. It’s like moving from a Tic Tac to a studio apartment.

So, #WWHL is basically growing to suit its increasing popularity.

One of the things I’m super excited about is the fact that the new clubhouse is going to feature a performance stage, so there can be live performances.

I can only wonder who they’re going to get to pop the stage’s cherry?

Oh, and the show is also getting a new logo, which you can check out below:

WWHL Logo Explore R10 9.26

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