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[WATCH] Tom Schwartz & Jax Taylor From Vanderpump Rules on Jerry Springer’s Baggage

jerry springer baggage

Jerry Springer’s Baggage is totally a guilty pleasure of mine, even though I had no idea this show existed until about a year ago, when I saw it on the Game Show Network at some serious late hours.

New episodes of this show aren’t currently being produced. Apparently, it only lasted from 2010 – 2013. This was enough time for the show to run for three seasons before calling it quits.

For those of you that have never seen the show, this is how it works:

Baggage is a dating show hosted by Jerry Springer that involves one person that’s looking for love. There are three people that are trying to get with this person, but these three people come with baggage. Each of these three contestants have three pieces of baggage: a small piece, medium piece, and a large piece. This baggage contains an embarrassing fact about the person. As the game advances, these people reveal their baggage to the main person that’s looking for love. This person’s job is to eliminate them, based on their baggage, until one person remains.

However, at the end of the show, the main person must reveal a big piece of their own baggage. If all goes well, and the final contestant accepts their baggage, they go on a date together and hopefully live happily ever after.

I know, it’s a tacky dating show, but it’s totally a guilty pleasure of mine, as I find it interesting to see the crazy secrets these people reveal about themselves.

One night, while indulging in some Baggage, I noticed an extremely familiar face! It was a much younger, and smaller, Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules!

jax taylor on baggage

Oh, you can only imagine how #pumped I was to see him on the show, knowing I was about to find out some of his serious dirty laundry, and don’t worry, I’ll reveal it all below.

After finding out that Jax was featured on the show, I was admittedly a bit curious to see if any other Bravolebrities had appeared on the show. It may have been a snowball’s chance in hell, but looking certainly wouldn’t hurt.

…And what did I find?

Tom Schwartz was on Baggage, too!

tom schwartz on baggage

So, what was their baggage?


  1. I Live In My Friend’s Dining Room
  2. I Lost My Virginity to my Friend’s Mom
  3. I’ve Slept With 312 Women


  1. I Love Smelling My Earwax
  2. I Polish My Toenails and Fingernails
  3. I Gambled Away My College Tuition Playing Online Poker

You can watch the Tom Schwartz episode of Baggage below:

Unfortunately, Tom has since admitted that everything about him on Baggage was fake. The job title, his baggage, all of it.

As for Jax, we haven’t been able to lock down a link to his Baggage video just yet, but we’ll keep you posted if we find it in the future. If anyone knows where one is, please feel free to contact us.

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