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Watch Teresa Giudice Leave An Access Hollywood Live interview After Being Asked About Joe’s Deportation!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga decided to take part in an Access Hollywood Live interview via simulcast. Teresa and Melissa took part in the interview from New York, while Kit Hoover and her co-host Dave Karger interviewed the two from Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, the question of Joe Giudice’s potential deportation came up, and Teresa got very emotional.

Check out the video below:

As you can see, Dave brought up the deportation question, but Teresa quickly shut it down, saying she’d rather not discuss the whole situation.

However, Kit wasn’t going to back off, and said that this was a hot topic that a lot of people are worrying about.

Unfortunately, Kit wouldn’t drop the situation, and Teresa said that she thought it was really rude that they’d bring that question up during an interview with the ladies.

At that point, Kim said that it’s a fact, it’s a reality, and that they’re probably going to see the outcome on #RHONY anyways, so it’s not rude.

Teresa then says, “No, you’re not going to see it on the show.”

It was clear that Teresa was very upset after this, but Kit continued with the next question, and that’s when Teresa interrupted, saying she was just going to go ahead and leave the interview.

At first, Kit thought she could continue the interview with Melissa, but when the camera transition to the New York set, both of the ladies had left.

After realizing that she’d just had her very first walk-off during an interview, Kit shared in a high-five celebration with co-host, David.

Kit and David continued to discuss the situation, but the interview was officially over.

Do you think Kit and David were out of line asking about Joe Giudice being deported? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • Missy B

    It WAS very rude to start an interview in that fashion, with such an emotional question. I am not a Theresa G fan by any sense of the imagination but you don’t need to be a fan to see insensitivity…what pushed me over the edge and why I will not watch Access Hollywood whatever it’s called is the stupidity of the ‘high five’ the female initiated. Really? Is that your goal? To drive celebrity interviewees off the show? And then celebrate it with a high five like you did something ‘wonderful’???? Neither of these show hosts have any empathy, class or professionalism. If I was in charge I would fire both of them. Not so much on the question, but the ‘high five’. I was embarassed for both of them and cringed for Theresa when the follow up question moved to Heather Dubrow and would most likely have been based on Heathers WWHL response about Theresa. I happen to agree with Heathers’ assessment but that isn’t important. What is important is the obvious intention to put Theresa in the proverbial ‘hotseat’ and make her uncomfortable. That is what ‘journalists’ may do. The Barbara Walters interviews, but Barbara does it with ‘tact’, not insensitivity. These two ‘hosts’ are no where near BW’s league and will never get there with the behavior seen with Theresa and the asinine high five.
    I’d like to close by saying KUDOS to Melissa for also leaving the set. l also would have left to support my friend. I seriously hope Theresa no longer asks Melissa to SHOW her support because I think Melissa did a magnificent job showing her support for her ‘sister-in-law and friend’.
    If not fired, these two hosts need to be punished in some monetary or ‘something’ way.

  • Linsey

    Please, those felons put themselves in hot seat. They stole how many millions of dollars for no other reason than their greed and narcism then they flaunt their jail time to boost the shows ratings and sell a book. If these idiots are going to share it with the world then of course the media is going to ask questions about it. Grow up, jailbird and deal with the mess you made.

  • Mary N

    Absolutely you can ask that. They are the ones that signed a contract to make $$ to tell or let the world come into their lives. I’m sure she doesn’t want to talk about it because I’m sure it’s hurting emotionally thinking he may be deported. I feel sorry for the children.