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WATCH! RHOBH & Andy Cohen in Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.” Music Video

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You may have heard a while back that the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had filmed with Lady Gaga for an upcoming music video and now we finally get to see the results of their epically awesome collaboration! AND, Bravo’s own Andy Cohen makes an appearance as well!

The 11-minute “ARTPOP film” features footage set to additional tracks “ARTPOP” and “Venus,” and is, in typical Gaga fashion, a totally weird, outlandish, over-the-top rendition of…well, I’m not sure exactly what! I’m sure some Gaga superfan will have a much more astute observation about it’s artistic value but, let’s face it…I was mostly in it for the Housewives! After a few dramatic lead-in moments…there they were! Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster, and Carlton Gebbia appeared to be acting as Gaga’s Greek chorus around a pool at Hearst Castle in California. (According to Andy, Brandi Glanville was traveling/working when they filmed the video but not sure where Joyce Giraud was that day?) The ladies, decked out in pink, were singing and playing various instruments along to the music and, like the Bravo God he is, Andy Cohen’s shirtless bust was there floating in the sky as Zeus singing in the clouds!

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Later, we see Lisa and Kyle again (with a special appearance by Giggy!), looking totally badass in black, flanking Gaga herself as they storm some kind of office building and proceed to wreak havoc and beat the crap out of some dudes.



3/25 UPDATE! Lady Gaga took the time to call in to talk to Andy about the video last night on WWHL! She explained her concept and why she wanted to include andy and the Housewives. Andy asked her why she wanted him to play Zeus in the video:

Lady Gaga: “In the story, where I am beginning as a phoenix rising from the ashes, I go to the Hearst Castle in order to be brought back to life. As the people from the planet Venus dunk me into the neptune pool I am snapped back into reality by reality television! We wanted you to play Zues, or God in the sky because I feel as though reality TV and reality media really runs our lives so it’s really an image of how I think pop culture is today. So, you are God, obviously!”

Andy also asked her how it was working with the Housewives and whether or not they got along during filming:

Lady Gaga: “Ya they were really really fun! I was actually surprised, we were waiting for some real eye tear-outs […] but that didn’t happen.”

Overall I thought the Housewives and Andy’s appearances were super cool! I was afraid Gaga would have used them in a more comical way to poke fun at what many people think about reality TV, especially the Housewives. But, as a professed Housewives/Bravo fan herself, Lady Gaga made it all work in a convincing, artsy, probably deeply profound kind of way.

Check out the Lady Gaga “G.U.Y.” video in it’s epic entirety:

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