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Watch: LaLa Confronts Kristen At VPR Reunion

Tom is a saint compared to James!

Those words come shooting out of Kristen Doute’s mouth at the end of this clip, which you can watch below:

As you can see, LaLa Kent confronts Kristen at the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 reunion and things get very hearted, very quick.

Andy asks LaLa if she has something to say, and then LaLa states that she thought her and Kristen were friends with each other, but then she found out that Kristen was actually talking about her behind her back, which LaLa definitely did not appreciate. Kristen’s reasoning for talking crap about LaLa behind her back? Simple: she didn’t want to be friends with someone that was “hooking up” with her ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy.

As the altercation goes down, James has a grin on his face the whole time, in typical Kennedy fashion. He also tries his best to push Kristen’s buttons, which is quite obvious, and fairly easy to do if you’re Mr. Kennedy.

When Andy asked Kristen how she truly feels about LaLa, she says that she felt like LaLa was a “ratchet whore,” over the course of the summer. Then, the rest of the crew steps in, correcting Kristen, and saying the correct term is “whore bag.” Kristen agrees, and then the drama really begins to intensify.

After LaLa says that she felt the whole time she was friends with Kristen was nothing more than fake, Kristen says that she’s “the most real person,” and that’s when Ariana Madix gets an incredibly shocked look on her face. From that point on, Ariana steps in with some harsh words, and Lisa has to remind her to calm down a bit with the swear words.

ariana madix at the vanderpump rules season 4 reunion show

Just think: this is only a two minute clip taken from the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 reunion show, which airs tonight. Therefore, you can only imagine how the rest of the show is going to go. You will not want to miss this one, Bravoholics!

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