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How To Watch The Real Housewives Of Orange County Online

andylaptopAre you a fan of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but don’t have the time or the means to catch it on TV every day? If you always find yourself working late shifts as I do, it can be tough to keep up with all the latest episodes, especially if you don’t have capabilities like Tivo or OnDemand. Fortunately, in case I’m burning the midnight oil and don’t want to wait for reruns to play catch-up, I keep a list of quick and easy streaming options handy for my viewing convenience. is always my first stop, but unfortunately, I can’t always find the recent Housewives of OC episodes on there. Many times you have to go through a lengthy wait-period before the latest episodes are added to the site. It’s a bummer having to sit by and ask people at the ol’ water cooler not to spoil any highlights for you until you marathon what you’ve missed.

In the too-frequent event that the Bravo network has yet to add a recent premiere to their roster of full-length Housewives episodes, I usually try Hulu next. Dedicated to current TV since 2007, Hulu has a large selection of premieres before most websites, and in the case of Bravo’s TV, for free. However, even Hulu isn’t perfect with getting new broadcasts up in a timely manner, unless you connect instantly via a television provider partnered with Hulu (currently, these are: Armstrong, BendBroadband, Consolidated Communications, DISH, Grande Communications, Mediacom, Optimum, Suddenlink, or Verizon). If you don’t subscribe to any of those, however, you’ll have to satiate yourself with the available excerpts instead.

Below, you’ll find a little screenshot of Hulu’s page featuring Bravo shows they have available for you to watch online:

watch bravo shows on hulu

Now, in the event that you’re desperate to catch up with the very latest from Real Housewives, there are paid options available as well. Bravo has its own YouTube presence, with entire channels dedicated to individual shows.  The channel for Real Housewives of Orange County contains every episode of the show up to the current season, with most available for $1.99. Again, this option is best if you just need to catch up on the latest couple of episodes, or in case there’s a particular one from a previous season you’d like to revisit. Watching an entire season (let alone series) this way can be very pricy.

Similar to YouTube, iTunes has pages where you can purchase Housewives of Orange County, or other
shows, on an episode-by-episode basis. At $2.99 per episode, this option is a bit more expensive than watching on YouTube. On the positive side however, if you wish to start at the beginning of a new season for any given show, you can snag a bargain by buying a season pass for around $24.99 and get the convenience of having a one-stop online destination for your show of choice throughout its seasonal run. Looking towards the future, HBO has an app, HBO Go, that allows its users to catch up on HBO programs for free.

watch-bravo-shows-onlineSo far, no such equivalent has been made for Bravo programming. But as we’re only in the beginning of the online TV era, we have high hopes that the near future may yield one! If it happens, you can bet we’ll be writing about it here. Those are all the ways I’ve set aside to catch up on Housewives of OC. As with Bravo’s other offerings, one of these online streaming options should be able to provide any episode, past or present, for your Real Housewives fix. If you have any favorites as far as streaming TV is concerned, let us know!

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