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[VIDEO] Terry Dubrow: Heather And I Tried Cupping — It’s Bullsh*t

With Bravo stupidly showing the Olympics for the entire week, you’ve likely witnessed the latest Olympic craze — cupping.

Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps are a huge cupping advocate, and has posted pictures of himself having the procedure done.

Thanks @arschmitty for my cupping today!!! #mpswim #mp ? @chasekalisz

A photo posted by Michael Phelps (@m_phelps00) on

So, what is cupping and why is it the latest fitness trend?

Well, it’s a form of alternative therapy that derives from China (you can start rolling your eyes now) like acupuncture, crystal therapy, and what not.

Basically, some glass cups are heated up, and then they’re stuck to the skin, which creates a suction effect, drawing the skin into the cup, and it is believed to stimulate the flow of energy.

A lot of olympians and athletes are into cupping, because they believe that when the cups are placed over areas that have been particularly stressed, it relieves the tension, and the muscles heal faster, and yada yada.

And, it makes you look like this:

Chinese swimmer Wang Qun is seen with marks after cupping treatment during a training session at the National Aquatics Center a few days before the start of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August, 04 2008. There are 32 swimming gold medals up for grabs at the Olympics, making it the second most prolific sport behind track and field. AFP PHOTO / DDP / MICHAEL KAPPELER (Photo credit should read MICHAEL KAPPELER/AFP/Getty Images)

And I can tell you right now that there’s a ton more images of these sores out there, and they get far, far worse than what you see here.

If you decide to search for the images yourself, you should expect to see some nasty gore…. yuck.  😛

So, what does a legitimate Doctor, such as Doctor Terry Dubrow think about cupping? Well, apparently he and his wife, Heather Dubrow, have tried the form of alternative therapy, and you can find out what they thought of it in this short clip:

Well, that comes as absolutely no surprise to me, but I’ll give them kudos for at least trying it out for themselves to see if it works.

Would you be willing to try cupping?

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