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VIDEO: Peter Thomas – I Beat Matt Jordan’s A**! I Embarrassed Him!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Peter Thomas, is going on the record saying that he definitely won the fight that broke out in a North Carolina radio station between him and Matt Jordan.

However, a source has come through, saying that Jordan actually beat the crap out of Thomas, even when Thomas tried to pull a knife on Jordan. If you didn’t read that whole rundown of events, you can check it out here.

Thomas sat down with TMZ in a new video, which you can check out below:

Thomas says he plans on releasing the video, and that he wants everyone to see it:

I kind of want everyone to see that video. Matt already had a lawyer contact the station, and the young lady that was interviewing him to cease and desist – which I don’t know why they would listen to him, because he volunteered his ass walking up into that station.

Thomas says that Jordan has an arrest warrant out for him, which you can view here:

I went to the magistrate and filed a complaint, and they took a warrant out for his arrest. Now the district attorney’s gonna have it and my attorney’s gonna get his hands on it because it’s evidence, and the world will see it. I can’t wait for you guys to see the video.

Thomas then goes on to say that the only reason Jordan doesn’t want the public to see the video, is because he’s embarrassed:

He’s embarrassed – he’d like 6’5″/250, and he thought he was going to slap me around I guess, and it didn’t work out in his favor.

When asked if he won the fight:

Without a doubt. He didn’t think I was gonna slap him and hold him in a chokehold like I did. Without a doubt – he don’t want anybody to see that, because he’s embarrassed.

Now, keep in mind, a source has said that Thomas is going to edit the video, and put himself in a good light, making it look like he won the fight. They’ve also stated that he’s going to remove the whole part where he pulls out a knife.

According to the witness, Thomas pulled out a knife, and still got his ass kicked.

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