Saturday , June 24 2017
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[Video] Listen To The Vanderpump Rules Theme Song

Raise those glasses high!

Vanderpump Rules is one of the shows on Bravo that actually has a theme song associated with it. That being said, this song often times gets stuck in my head, and I find myself randomly humming it through-out the day.

With the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 reunion being aired last night, and the second part coming next week, we all know that the #PumpRules intro is going off the air until next season, but I have the song they use in the Vanderpump Rules intro for you right here to listen to. Check it out below:

Now, is it just me or every time I hear this thing, I reimagine the Vanderpump Rules intro in my head every time? Please, leave a comment and let me know I’m not crazy!

Either way, enjoy the music!

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