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[VIDEO] Kyle Richards Breaks Down In Tears While Talking To A Hollywood Psychic

Tyler Henry is the latest Hollywood psychic to burst onto the scene, and his latest client is none other than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kyle Richards.

Tyler certainly isn’t new to having his clients break down in tears in front of him, and that’s a good thing, because that’s exactly what Kyle does when Tyler gets in contact with Kyle’s mother; Kathleen:

Kyle’s mother, Kathleen, passed away in 2002, falling victim to breast cancer.

However, Tyler was able to put Kyle’s mind at ease, as he told her that he was getting a message from her mother that she shouldn’t worry about other females in the family falling victim to the same disease that took her mother.

The feeling with this is like, ‘I dealt with this but I don’t think other women in the family are gonna deal with this issue to the extent that I dealt with it.’

Her mother then goes on to send the message that she’s actually proud of Kyle for being a great parent, and that Kyle is a better parent than her mother was.

Even though this is all very emotional, things get super emotional in the second part of this psychic reading, in which Tyler connects to a child that was miscarried, as well as Kim Richards‘ murdered fiancé, John.

Your mom does connect hands with a child on the other side that would’ve passed. She’s acknowledging that this is either a miscarriage or stillborn child that didn’t actually get to be born into this world. This would’ve happened quite some time ago, it’s not a super recent thing but there is an acknowledgement of this child that basically did not get to be born and there’s an acknowledgement of that.

That would be her way of saying you know whoever dealt with this I’m with this…you know it would’ve probably been a very traumatic thing for a person to go through and probably wouldn’t have been discussed much but the feeling is like this has been a long time this isn’t super recent.

Kyle then confirms that Kim may have had a miscarriage at one point, and that could be the reason why a child is coming through:

I think my sister Kim had one actually, I didn’t but she…I think she did. I think one of her kids was actually a twin and one didn’t make it or something like that.

At this point, a man begins to come through during the reading, and Tyler informs Kyle that this man is like a father figure to the child that had passed away.

But this man was murdered…there’s a man coming through, if this child is indeed sister’s, there’s a man connecting with sister that would’ve been murdered. I feel like I’m talking about J.

And that’s when it hits Kyle as to who is trying to get through:

Yeah Kim had a fiancé, his name was John, that was actually murdered.

This, of course, blows Tyler’s mind.

Watch the above video to get the full scoop on everything.

Tyler Henry i a psychic medium that has his own show on E!, which is titled Hollywood Medium.

As a matter of fact, the Hollywood Medium season 2 premiere date has been set for August 10th, and will air at 8/7c.

So, if you want to see more of his work, as he connects with celebrities and their loves ones, make sure you give his show a watch.

kyle richards with tyler henry the hollywood medium

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