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Vicki Gunvalson’s New Man!

Looks like Briana might finally be getting her wish! Vicki Gunvalson may actually be finished with on-again-off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Word is that she’s seeing a new (and if you ask me much better looking!) man: Palm Beach based attorney John Pankauski. Check him out:

john pankauski

Pretty studly, no? Especially in comparison to Brooks! I think most fans are probably in agreement with me when I say that if Vicki really is done with Brooks then goodbye and good riddance! Who knows, though, this could be just another bump in their rocky, dysfunctional relationship road.

So, why the talk about Vicki and new guy John? Well, apparently, they met recently in New York when John was meeting with Vicki’s production company Woo Hoo (that’s right, Vicki has a production company now, it’s called Woo Hoo, and apparently she’s already been pedaling several series ideas around). Reportedly they had dinner together and supposedly Vicki even brought him to her WWHL appearance on April 14! If that’s the case I must say I’m a little bit miffed at Andy for not asking her about this intriguing new addition to her entourage!

Clearly anything going on between Vicki and John is still very new if this timeline is correct. According to a Radar Online source, “They are working together on a few business projects, but there are sparks flying between them.” 

In case you weren’t convinced by the above photo, Radar’s source goes on to describe his appeal: “John is single, 6’2”, 200 lbs, an athlete and avid tennis player. He has handsome movie star good looks and he’s a rascal too. He is a warrior and a fierce lawyer.” Supposedly he’s built a multi-million dollar law firm and owns a winery in Napa, to boot! 

Of their working relationship, the source explains that “John has asked Woo Hoo to film the promo for his law firm – and a reel for a potential new TV show, in which John would star and Vicki would be the Executive Producer and Woo Hoo is pitching two television shows that Vicki owns.” 

A quick Google search for John Pankauski reveals that he’s even authored a legal self-help book: The Trustees Book: A Guide to Money, Misfits, Marriages and Mismanagement. It sounds to me like maybe he’s been a successful attorney who is now looking to parlay that into a media/entertainment career. First came the book and next on the agenda is starring in a reality show. This seems to be how he and Vicki came to cross paths.

Apparently their relationship has continued outside of the Big Apple, too! The pair were spotted at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. John even tagged along with Vicki to a salon where she was getting her hair and makeup done for the Diamonds by Vicki promo shoot and then they had dinner in Beverly Hills together. John is expected to join Vicki at the Women’s Expo in Phoenix, Arizona in late April, too!

I suppose it could be that all this is business related but check out the photo that Radar dug up:vicki and john pankauski

Lookin pretty chummy! What do you think of Vicki’s new man?

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  • Kelly Francis

    I just love it, Congratulations to Vicki. She deserves to be happy…..