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Vicki Gunvalson: I’m Dating An Amazing New Man!

This week has been a fairly exciting week for The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, according to her, a lot of it is thanks to this new man she has in her life.

It was a week ago when she posted this picture on her Instagram account:


Vicki captioned this picture as being the couple’s 10th date night together, and we have to say; they definitely look like they’re having a great time together!

Vicki then packed up her bags and took a 10 hour flight overseas. After such a tiring trip, she was amazed to see that her new man had ordered a beautiful arrangement of a dozen red roses and had them delivered to her hotel room! #Aww!


When she finally made it back home, it wasn’t long before she reconnected with her “incredible man,” whom you can see in the picture below:


He’s the one that’s standing beside of her.

Vicki also enjoyed some family fun at Disneyland. Check out this adorable picture below:


Then, she was surprised again by yet another dozen roses — yes, the second batch her new man had delivered to her within a single week. It looks like these two are in L-O-V-E!


Wow! It looks like these two are hitting it off hot and heavy. Especially after only being on 10 dates so far. This guy must be a true romantic, and telling by the huge smile on Vicki’s face, it’s safe to say that she’s absolutely beside herself. Good for you, Vicki. We hope you found yourself a good man!

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