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Vanderpump Rules Star, Scheana Shay, Gets BLASTED Her Husband’s Friend!

We reported yesterday that Scheana Shay decided to file divorce papers, as her and her husband, Mike Shay, are splitting after only being married for two years.

Everything’s been moving quickly downhill for the couple ever since Scheana falsely reported that her husband had cleaned out their bank account, went missing, and she feared that he was relapsing.

It was revealed by sources that Scheana knew exactly where Mike was, and that she was just trying to play up some drama in a sad attempt to garner some attention for herself from the situation — even if it meant throwing the love of her life under the bus — smearing his reputation.

Nicole Arbour was one of the people that spoke out about the whole situation, saying that Scheana is lying, and that she even tried to convince Nicole to join her on the whole smear campaign.

Nicole, being Mike’s band member, and his friend, decided to take the high road, and call Scheana out on her bullshit in a recent interview with RadarOnline:

When Scheana reported that Mike was missing, he was performing live shows and she knew where he was. He was on red carpet! Like that’s how much of a lie all of this was.

Nicole didn’t stop there, either.

She said that Scheana is the whole reason the couple couldn’t make their relationship work, and that she even tried to sabotage Mike’s music career:

[The divorce] is definitely Scheana’s fault and she tried to sabotage Mike’s live show because she’s jealous that he was getting more attention than her. She needs a storyline so she made up that he’s doing drugs and drinking again, and that just wasn’t true. That’s what sparked the breakup.

She made up those things up to try and have an interesting storyline to get a lot of attention around the Vanderpump Rules premiere. And throwing your husband under the bus while he’s completely clean and sober and happy and working on something he’s completely proud of is disgusting.

Nicole also went on, saying that Mike isn’t surprised at all by Scheana’s actions:

He’s good,” she said of how he’s coping. “He knew that she would do this, so it’s not like anyone in his family or his friends are surprised. She used him the entire time they were dating for stories.

Yeah, that’s a pretty crappy thing to do to someone that you supposedly love.

That’s pretty low, Scheana.

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