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VANDERPUMP RULES -- Pictured: Scheana Marie -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Premiere Recap

scheana marie 30th birthday party picture The season 4 premiere of Vanderpump Rules brought us everything from a decades themed party, drunken arguments to more plastic surgery for Jax. But have we come to expect anything less from the SUR crew?

Let’s start with Sheana’s 30th birthday party and her self proclaimed “last chance to be the center of attention .” The decades theme was a fun idea and I admit most everyone rocked their costumes. I’m not sure what decade Shay was from. (The “my wife doesn’t know I exist decade ?”) Of couse Kristen shows up, not “officially ” invited and drama ensues. She immediately lights into James about his drinking,  which only entices him to drink more.  As the party winds down a visaby drunk James flirts with Sheana’s friend Nicole and even confesses his love for Tom Sandoval. This makes Tom1 so uncomfortable he leaps into the pool rollerskates and all. At this point, Kristen is seathing.

Jax , fresh off his break up from Carmen; and with Mom as his date — attends the party as Danny Zuko with one exception: He’s sporting yet another fresh nose job! Seriously Jax? You’re a good looking guy! Have you ever heard the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?” Stop already before you do some weird Michael Jackson thing to your nose.

scheana marie birthday party picture as madonna

Tom Schwartz and Katie looked adorable(Katie was Cher from Clueless) and had some sweet moments.  Tom Schwartz admits to Tom Sandoval at the salon that he’s ready to propose to Katie! FINALLY!

Ariana dressed as a “factory girl” (I’m sure that has to be insulting to someone on some level ) and was irritated all night because Sheana buddied up with Kristen; her arch rival. Sheana claims she has no reason to not like Kristen.  Ariana thinks being her friend should be reason enough.  Apparently Sheana disagrees. When will everyone realize Sheana’s number one priority is Sheana!

Of course Lisa makes an appearance,  sans costume, (when you’re that fabulous you don’t really need a costume now do you? ) but what she did bring was a slightly ticked off husband.  Ken made it clear to Tom Sandoval after grabbing his collar, “You don’t disrespect my wife!”  Great job, Ken!

A spectacular start to Vanderpump Rules and just think, we haven’t even heard from Stassi Schroeder yet!

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  • susanita22

    Great recap, however it´s seething not seathing, and you also did not get the part about Sheana´s friend, it is not Nicole, it is Jenna!