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Vanderpump Rules Season 3

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4/8 UPDATE: Bravo confirmed that Vanderpump Rules has been renewed for Season 3! 

Last night, Vanderpump Rules put the finishing touches on Season 2, airing unseen footage in a “secrets revealed” special. So, while it’s a little bit sad to say goodbye to those crazy SUR kids for now, it’s that exciting time when we take a look toward the future.

Vanderpump Rules Season 3 seems to be a certainty given the super success of Season 2. Not only was its sophomore season mind-blowingly dramatic and explosive, the ratings speak for themselves. Through the first reunion episode (which earned a season-high 2,243,000 total viewers), Season 2 averaged 1,514,467 total viewers per episode. That’s already an improvement on the Season 1 average of 1,485,700 and I’m betting the second reunion episode only bumped that average up more. Clearly, numbers like these should guarantee a triumphant Season 3 return.

In further evidence for Vanderpump Rules Season 3, Jax Taylor also took to Twitter last month confirming that Vanderpump Rules will be returning:


Then again, this is Jax we’re sourcing so…take that as you will.

But, with the great ratings and encouraging cast Twitterings, why the “?” in this post’s title? Well, first of all, Bravo has yet to make any official confirmations yet. And, more importantly at this point, Stassi Schroeder no longer works at SUR! Just what exactly does that mean for the future of Vanderpump Rules?

stassi schroeder leaving vanderpump rulesAs we heard repeatedly in the reunion, Stassi left Lisa in the lurch (without notice, no less) and jumped coasts. She now calls NYC home and is shacking up with her new beau, Patrick Maeghar, with whom she is head-over-heels in love. We already covered a recent interview where Stassi discusses her life these days, without SUR and her old crew. Of Season 3 she says “We don’t even have a season three” (yet, is what I hope she means!) and when pushed about what her role would be if the show does return she says “I don’t know what I would do […] I have nothing left to give”. Yikes!! Say it isn’t so, Stassi! I do have to agree that it’s difficult to picture how she could be involved in the show if she no longer works at SUR or is friends with most of her costars, not to mention she now lives 3,000 miles away. I’m not giving up all hope yet, however! Check out this clip of Stassi on a recent appearance of WWHL:

I’m encouraged by a couple of things here: 1) Andy seems pretty set on another season of Vanderpump Rules  and 2) he’s hoping Stassi will somehow be on it. And, as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Sure, Stassi says she won’t go back to waitressing but I could see Bravo offering up a pretty hefty salary increase to their Pump Rules leading lady which might sweeten the deal just enough.

I’m really not sure the show could survive without its HBIC. Maybe there’s enough good stuff in the whole Tom-Ariana-Kristen love triangle and Scheana’s wedding planning to keep things interesting for another go around. I almost feel like a spinoff based around Stassi’s life in NYC might have a better chance at success but who knows…maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get both!

In the end, my suspicion is that Vanderpump Rules will, indeed, be renewed for Season 3. There’s no way Bravo would just pull the plug on such a successful series, even if they do lose one of its stars. If Stassi doesn’t return, I’m betting the focus shifts to Scheana Marie. Conveniently, she now seems to be the center of this group of friends having recently cozied up with Kristen and Jax while maintaining a close friendship with Ariana. We watched her engagement this season and now she and Mike Shay have set a wedding date. Mark your calendars for July 27, 2014! AND, go figure, Scheana says she’d be open to airing her wedding on Bravo. She had this to say in a recent interview:

If Bravo wanted to film your wedding, is that something you would consider?
Oh, most definitely. Everyone shared my special moment with me getting engaged to so I would love to share the whole experience with everyone as well.

Hmm…the timing couldn’t be more perfect for a big Vanderpump Rules Season 3 finale wedding. So, the following scenario gets my bet for Season 3: we’ll see Scheana, Kristen, Jax, Ariana & Tom, and some other SUR employee satellites up to their usual antics while Scheana works on wedding planning. We’ll also see Katie maintaining a friendship with Stassi from afar. Maybe Stassi will visit her once or twice to make a cameo. Perhaps Stassi will even invite some of the cast to her annual over-the-top birthday celebration which will be filmed in NYC. That should lay the groundwork for her spinoff. Then, everyone will come together for Scheana’s wedding in the end.

scheana marie wedding dress

What do you think? Will you be tuning in for Vanderpump Rules’ third season no matter who’s on it? Would you like to see Scheana’s wedding on the show? How about a Stassi Schroeder NYC spinoff? Let us know how you see things going down in the comments!


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  • Michael

    Hopefully there won’t be a season 3, of course I said the same thing about season 2. It makes Lisa, someone who wants to be admired by everybody in the world for her smart business sense, look silly to allow the foolishness we see going on in a professional establishment. Even if I was to buy the excuse that it goes on behind her back, she sees it on the show ans still keeps the same clowns.

    • Pat Diers


  • Bevish

    Scheana’s not a strong enough lead to carry the show. She’s uninteresting. I don’t like or dislike her, simply ambivalent. You can’t lure or keep viewers with a character who doesn’t motivate them, either through love…or hate.

  • Chris M

    There will be a Season 3, 4, 5, and so On. Vanderpump Rules Rocks it, Tom & Ariana, Kristen & the other Server @ SUR, She said sex is Good, Thats Drama Brewing!! Still Loves Tom, Jax is an Idiot!!! Scheana’s is a Ditz, Katie Needs Her BF, Babysitting her. Stassi is only good @ Stirring Up Drama, but Not When she is Chasing Love!!! I Think she’s Smart if she goes back and Stirs up Trouble, and slowly merge California, to New York slowly Acclimating her way to New York. This would be the only way she could maybe pull it off. But Lisa and Vanderpump Cast are Great Reality. I Know This!!!

  • Candi Smith

    Give Jax a new girlfriend and have him take her to New York for Stassi’s birthday…I can forsee another cat fight in the making. Please feature Peter more…he is refreshing as the only sane one of the bunch. I hope Tom and Ariana really get under Kristin’s skin…will make for some really interesting shows.

  • Michelle

    season 2 was amazing, certainly better than housewives. Stassi was the best on the show but I’d still love to see a third season without her, and definitely her own spin off!!

  • David

    Hopefully all of the “little girls” on the show will just bitch slap each other unconcious and all the hot guys will just shag each other

  • penny v

    im sick of the drinking / messing around by these 30 something people . that not my kind of show so long you bunch of drunks and catty women i ve had enough of you and vander pump rules it . get off the air………………… GROW UP YOU DRUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!