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Vanderpump Rules S4 EP4: Happily Never After – Show Recap

kristen and james from vanderpump rules argue on the couchThings are definitely beginning to heat up with season 4 of Vanderpump Rules. James is going through some major problems with Kristen, Scheana’s marriage to Mike Shay is currently on the rocks, and we haven’t even seen Stassi this season yet!

In case you missed it, ,below is a little recap of the things that happened in the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules:

James Gets VERY Friendly With LaLa

LaLa is the new girl that’s getting all the attention at the moment — some of which (particularly from the girls) may be unwanted. However, Jax, despite his new flame, has been getting very friendly with LaLa. In this episode, despite his major relationship issues with Kristen, James was definitely hitting on LaLa — he even made her blush.

lisa vanderpump on vanderpump rulesPeter Introduces His Girlfriend To His Co-Workers

It’s about time we see Peter with a girl under his arms, especially since everyone else on the show besides him seems to be a serial dater. He decided to have some drinks with the crew, and this time he had a girl with him. He’s so adorbs!

There Was A Teary Intervention For Mike Shay

We all know that things haven’t been going well for Scheana and Mike, especially after his addiction to pills and alcohol has been exposed. This week, Mike returned home from his parent’s to find his wife and friend’s waiting for him. The intervention seemed to be somewhat successful and Shay agrees to work on his problems and talk about them more openly with Scheana, but she has to work on some problems of her own.

Shay stated that he doesn’t like how Scheana dominates their conversations, so it causes him to close-up and not talk about his problems. Let’s hope they can both work on these issues and get their marriage back on track.

Kristen & James Go To Couple’s Therapy

After James cheated on Kristen, things haven’t been going so well for the two. Therefore, Kristen decided that it was time for them to go to couple’s therapy, which James wasn’t very happy about. They basically got all of their feelings about each other out, and James was told by the therapist that he doesn’t need to cuss at Kristen. Things aren’t looking good at all for these two.

Tom Sandoval & Schwartz Pitch Lisa Vanderpump A Business Idea

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz would be more than happy to have a mansion like Lisa Vanderpump’s. That being said, they’re convinced that they have a great business idea, so they pitch it to Lisa and her fellow entrepreneurs. It wasn’t an immediate “yes,” but they did get sent home with a “homework assignment.”

Jax’s Latest Flame Gets Denied A Job At Sur

For obvious reasons, Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t like the idea of hiring a girl that Jax is currently interested in, because she doesn’t like her employees to date each other. That, plus the fact that the girl forgot her resumé, Lisa decided to pass on hiring her.

Is there anything we forgot?

If you think something should have been added to this article, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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