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Vanderpump Rules S3 E6: Love Bites – Recap

Each episode thus far of Vanderpump Rules has only gotten hottest as time has passed — and it’s not looking like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. As we all know, LaLa Kent is the new girl at SUR and all the boys are trying to get this girl’s attention — even those that are already in relationships. Yeah, we’re looking at you, James Kennedy.

This episode is absolutely no different. Lisa Vanderpump decides to throw two gay pride parties. Now, you may think that this would be a particularly happier and cheerful episode of Vanderpump Rules, you’d be wrong! The claws are out for LaLa’s attention. Below, you’ll find our recap of the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. As always, new episodes of Vanderpump Rules airs on Mondays at 9/8c. Check out the Bravo TV schedule for more information.

Britney Is Jax’s Girl On The Side

Jax says that when Britney is in town that he enjoys hanging out with her and stuff, but basically, when she’s back in Kentucky, Jax is going to be Jax. Without a doubt, this guy has the hots for LaLa!

Scheana Could Never Date James

Scheana makes comments about James being the new stud at SUR, because all of the girls love a DJ. However, Scheana says she could never be with someone that wears clothes that are smaller than her own. OUCH!

James Goes To LaLa’s House To “Make Music.”

James goes over to LaLa’s house and greets her with a kiss right on the lips. After their greeting, James continues to get very touchy as things go on. However, LaLa seems to be a bit disinterested at his attempts, and calls him out on calling her a “basic bitch.”

All personal drama aside, James and LaLa get down to business and really do begin to make music together. After they’re finished making some music, James continues to get all touchy-feely again. LaLa does admit that James is sexy, due to his talents, but he just talks too much for her.

The Two Toms Take Shay To Fit Arts

Without a doubt, the two Toms nearly killed Shay in this episode, as he admits that he’s out of shape while training with these two. After a decent bit of working out, Shay makes his exit to the parking lot and vomits. Tom Schulz then gets to show off his *ahem* humping abilities in a very unique workout.

After their workout, Schwartz reveals that he has picked out the ring and he’s “giddy” about picking it up. After this, Shay discusses how he’d like to be with Scheana forever, so he doesn’t plan on relapsing.

Scheana Gets Her Last Name Changed

Scheana admits that her old name, Scheana Marie may have been a “cool name,” but Scheana Shay is “much cooler.”

Lisa “Gays Up” Pump

Lisa decides it’s time to do some redesigning in Pump to “gay it up.” She also notices the bruises on James’ arms while he’s setting up his DJ equipment. Earlier in the episode James admitted that he liked being bit on the back of the arm while having sex. Lisa is obviously curious as to which girl James acquired these “battle wounds,” from.

James Had Sex With Lauren!

The big mystery of the entire episode has been revealed! Everyone, including us, was fooled into thinking that James was going to have sex with LaLa. It turns out that he did have sex with a SUR hostess, but it wasn’t LaLa. Instead, it was Lauren! We have to say, she did quite a number on his back and the back of his arms.

LaLa Gets Friendly With Jax

Jax called LaLa over to the bar at SUR and explains his whole girlfriend situation to her. He says that he and Britney aren’t officially broken up, but he’s allowed to play the market. During interviews, LaLa says that she’s extremely attracted to Jax’s tattoos and his large stature.

LaLa Spots James’ “Battle Wounds”

James visits LaLa during the gay pride party and she gets very upset when she finds the scratches down his back and the bite marks on his arms. LaLa is less-than-happy about the whole situation and tells him to get away from her.

Jax Gets Absolutely Wasted

While bartending at SUR, Jax gets completely wasted and drops a glass behind the bar. He’s unhappy, because when you drop a glass behind the bar, all of the ice in the coolers have to be changed.

Shay Is Doing Great With His Sobriety

Shay attended Gay Pride 2015 at SUR, but he was definitely a good boy — only having a couple of beers.

Kristen Isn’t Allowed To Pose In SUR Staff Pictures

As Kristen showed up at the SUR Gay Pride 2015 celebration, she tried to get in a picture with the SUR staff as they posed on a pink car, but Lisa quickly told her she wasn’t allowed, and that she lost that privilege when she was fired.

LaLa Confronts James

LaLa takes James to the side while they’re in the parking lot and insists that he tell her who he was with. When she finds out that James hooked up with Lauren, she gets absolutely irate.

LaLa Confronts Lauren

LaLa gets so upset when she finds out that James hooked up with Lauren, that she immediately goes back into SUR and confronts her. Lauren didn’t want to have any part of a confrontation and walks off. At that point, LaLa decided to tell Lauren’s boyfriend, Anthony, that she hooked up with James. Needless to say, Lauren was NOT happy.

Jax Swoops In Like A Vulture

After the whole confrontation, Jax decides to check up on LaLa. Jax decided to invite LaLa over to Tom’s with him. The two leave SUR together and LaLa is so upset with James she says that all respect is going out the window.

Did you miss this episode of Vanderpump Rules? As always, you can watch episodes of Vanderpump Rules online. Once you’ve seen this episode, let us know what you thought by leaving a comment below!

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