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Top Chef Finale Location Revealed: Maui Wowie!

Top Chef - Season 11

It’s been a sweet and spicy 11th Season for the Top Cheftestants in New Orleans! As Top Chef fans know, each season the judges and last few remaining chefs jet off to an exotic location for the finale episodes. This year, it’s just been revealed, they’ll be off to Maui, Hawaii! So, for those of us stuck in colder climates this time of year, it will be a great escape. Either that, or a cruel, jealousy-inducing flight of fancy. I, for one, am finding it tough to stick to my get-healthy resolutions each Wednesday night as I sit in front of the TV watching the cheftestants serve up mouth watering deliciousness. At least now I’ll be doing it while dreaming about beach vacations–which should help keep me bikini-minded!

The two-part Top Chef Season 11 finale will air Wednesday, January 29 at 10pm and Wednesday, February 5 at 10pm.

Once in Maui, the final three will learn which chef from “Last Chance Kitchen” will be rejoining the competition. In what is being described as closest finale in the series’ eleven-season history, who will take home the title of “Top Chef?”

Top Chef - Season 11

On this week’s episode of “Top Chef” airing Wednesday, January 8th at 10pm ET/PT, culinary legend Jacques Pepin tests the chefs technique in a “Quickfire” based on one of his favorite dishes. For their “Elimination Challenge,” the French and Spanish are battling it out in the kitchen as the chef’testants make meals to represent both cultures and as a shocking “first” at judges table leaves everyone on edge.

So, while the upcoming finale means the end of another great Top Chef season, there’s still plenty of deliciousness to come. Here’s a sneak peek:

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