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Top Chef Extreme: New Culinary Competition Show Coming to Bravo

4/8 UPDATE: Bravo has reconfirmed this series under a new title: Top Chef Duels. 

Top Chef fans rejoice! Bravo has just announced the latest (and perhaps greatest) extension of their Emmy and James Beard award-winning franchise…and, starting summer 2014, things are going to get EXTREME!

So far, we’ve had ten Top Chefs (about to be eleven!), five Top Chef Masters, one Top Chef who later competed in Top Chef Masters and countless other amazingly talented and rivetingly entertaining Chef’testants who came painfully close to the title. But, how do all these chefs stack up against each other? Top Chef Extreme is a cheftastic showdown which will answer the age old question: who really is the ultimate Top Chef? 

Top Chef Extreme

What’s Top Chef Extreme all about? Think Iron Chef, but with your favorite Bravolebrity Chefs. Each week, two Top Chef and Top Chef Masters alumni will cook off, head to head, in three rounds of extreme culinary challenges. The winner of each Chef’testant battle will move on to the season finale: a definitive gastronomic battle royal. In the end, old rivalries will be settled and one chef will cut down the competition to win the yet to be announced grand prize and, more importantly, ultimate culinary bragging rights.

What could possibly make Top Chef Extreme even more awesome? Bravo is asking fans to help nominate the chefs they’d like to see battle it out! Maybe you think it would be pretty epic to see a Voltaggio brother rematch? Or perhaps you’d like to see what happens in the fan favorite showdown of Carla Hall vs. Tiffany Derry? Could be that you’d rather pit your favorite Top Chef of all time against your favorite Top Chef Master to see how they compare. Whoever you’d like to see, let Bravo know! Fans are encouraged to share their dream Chef’testant battle pairings on Top Chef’s Facebook page at  or on Twitter @BravoTopChef using #TopChefExtreme.




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