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Toned Up Season 2?

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4/8 UPDATE: Toned Up did not appear in the renewal lineup Bravo released today. This series is presumed cancelled. 

Bravo’s latest foray into the fitness world introduced us (those of us who didn’t already know who they were, anyways!) to Karena and Katrina, the fit and fab founders of Tone It Up, a super successful health and fitness online community. Bringing their healthy lifestyle advice to Bravo audiences seemed a natural fit for these two as Bravo captured them at play, at work and, of course, working out.

Toned Up Season 1 wrapped last week after a 6 week, 8-episode run. Full disclosure: I was totally a fan! I found this new series to be fun, entertaining, inspirational and even aspirational–all adjectives that Bravo typically strives for in their programming. Kat and Karena are the type of girls that everyone wants to know. This partly explains their business success and why Bravo thought they’d be a sure-fire hit for the network. How many series, after all, start out with the already established following of millions of fans and subscribers that Tone It Up brought? It probably seemed like a no brainer that a good chunk of their fan base would want to tune in to see how the Tone It Up girls live.

And, like I said, I thought their show had all the elements for success. The girls are beautiful, relatable and super likable. Their lives felt authentic and real but still a little bit better than yours or mine–the reality TV sweet spot. There were little doses of drama here and there, from their high-stakes DVD shoot in Hawaii to their conflict over moving out and on to the next phase of their lives as Kat prepared to tie the knot. There was even the hint of a blossoming love story between Karena and the downstairs neighbor…and who isn’t interested to find out how that plays out? (Hint, when the girls appeared on WWHL the night of the finale Karena said they’re still together and “super in love”!!)

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So, with all Toned Up had going for it, Season 2 should be a shoe-in, right? Unfortunately, I’m not so sure. The all-important consideration of ratings success (or lack thereof) cannot be ignored. Up until the two season finale episodes (ratings not yet released), Toned Up averaged only 541,000 total viewers per episode. If past renewal decisions are an indication, this falls well below the second season cutoff line. Now, I would argue that Bravo didn’t prime Toned Up for ratings success given a 10:30pm air time on Thursday evenings with a lead-in from another brand new series: Courtney Loves Dallas.

I still think there might be hope for a second season of Toned Up. And, again, this is probably fueled in some part by personal bias as I’d love to see Kat & Karena return to Bravo. But, what if Bravo got more innovative with ways to reach the Tone It Up community and tapped into their popular YouTube channel or posted episodes on the Tone It Up blog each week? As a network, Bravo has already been groundbreaking in their efforts to integrate traditional TV viewership with online engagement. Toned Up seems like a perfect testing ground for some new ideas there. Or, maybe all it would take is a better time slot to give Toned Up a second season boost. What we know is that Karena and Katrina are down for round two. They’re asking fans to tweet Bravo and Kat even self-renewed the series on WWHL! (Andy asked her about wedding plans and she said we’d have to tune in for Season 2 to find out–I think Andy got a kick out of that!)

Perhaps this is the last we’ll see of Toned Up on Bravo but, luckily for me and all Kat & Katrina’s other new fans, there’s always to keep us in touch with our favorite fitness femmes!

toned up bravo

What did you think of Toned Up? Would you like to see Kat & Karina return for Season 2?

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  • Tone It Up

    Wow, thanks so much Lili!!! We’re so grateful that you tuned in and that you wrote about a possible season 2! We’re crossing our fingers 🙂 And yes, Karena is still so smitten with Bobby! She turned 3 shades more red when Andy asked her about him. Thanks again~ xxxo Kat

    • Lili Klein

      Thanks for stopping by, Kat!! Thanks, also, for the inside scoop on Karena and Bobby, we’re totally rooting for them! 🙂 I’d love to chat more with you girls about what you’re up to these days and what a potential season 2 might look like! Let me know if you’re interested. ~Lili

  • Ashley St John

    Yes!! I am so hoping for a season 2 of Toned Up!! There are SO many Tone it Up followers who want to watch the show, but are out of the country! A lot of the girls had to watch the episodes online/ITunes so it’s a totally bummer the ratings can’t show everyone who loves/watches the show =-( Thanks for this article! I am still hoping and crossing my fingers for season 2! – @ashtiu

  • Becca Rastenis

    I just watched the whole first season online in one day. I looked them up because I remembered seeing a small part of the first episode on tv. I am totally in love with them! They are a lot of fun and I really hope they come out with a new season and fast! – @BeccaRustyness 🙂

  • Ashlee N Chavez

    I absolutely LOVE THE show, they have such chemistry together. Its a girls perfect girlfriend relationship that every girl must have!! Can we write to Bravo demanding a season 2!!???!! Karena and Kat motivate you to workout with them because as you can see what there doing really works. Wish them all great success and hoping for SEASON 2!!!

  • Jade

    Yes loved the show and looking forward to season 2
    Have to watch on itunes though

  • Jade

    I bought the toned up season pass episodes on iTunes but only got 4 episodes I believe there are 8 episodes does anyone know know why I hasn’t got the other 4 really want to watch the rest 🙁 ???

  • Matt Battista

    Please bring toned up back! I thought it was fun and fresh, I’m a bravoholic and that us one of my faves

  • Beth

    I LOVED the show and watched every episode – even the repeats. Karena and Kat are loveable, entertaining, motivating and inspirational. The show practically screams “SEASON 2 – 3 – 4 – 5….” 🙂 Bravo TV, give it another shot, anyone who watches this show can’t help but become a fan. However, it needs better promotion than what Season 1 got. I wasn’t sure I would like the show based on the lead-ups. Once I watched though, I was hooked.

  • Kelli Comer

    I’m a nutritrion plan member of Tone It Up, and a huge fan of Toned Up the show! That’s how I found out about this awesome online community and their fitness and lifestyle. I really hope they renew them for season 2! And Courtney Loves Dallas also, loved that show too! 🙂

  • Anna

    Loved the show, we need season 2!!

  • Bails

    I have been a bravoholic since high school, and am so sad that Tone It Up was not renewed for a second! It is/was 🙁 one of the best shows that Bravo has ever put out. It was a fresh and positive show, with strong, smart, and fun women as the focus. Karena and Katrina’s friendship was so real and relatable. They treated each other the way friends do, as opposed to all of the other “friendships” we see on bravo. I will sincerely miss this show!!!!

  • Delaney

    I really hope Bravo will sign them on for another season! Season 2 of Toned Up would be amazing! I’m a huge fan <3

  • Melanie

    I keep searching,,trying to find what i hope to,,, that Series 2 will begin on…..??? Loved the girls, they are so cute! Luved the guys,, they are so cute 😉 ,, i looked forward to getting up and exercising with them,, from my home in Kansas City MO. They sent a lil Cali Sunshine to me on every episode. Please bring em back,,,my tan is fading.

  • kristy

    I love this show and Kat and Karena! I will be very upset not to see season 2! How is bravo gonna get u invested into their lives for one season and take that away from us…bullcrap! Love u 2 hope to see season 2:-)

  • Melissa

    A few months ago Kat and Karena were in Bravo’s Summer promos, but now I no longer see them featured. I think I remember that the girls tweeted pics of them from the set. Does anyone know the latest info on a season 2?

  • midwestgirly

    Seriously!!! No season 2!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 you have broken my heart bravo tv. And instead you now have the real housewives of Melbourne …..major thumbs down on that choice. ♡ toned up.

    • Super fan

      I completely agree with you! why on earth would they have that garbage show on but they wouldn’t renew this one? This was the best show on Bravo in ages!

  • stella

    so keen for a season 2! I loved this show and thought it was inspiring x

  • Renee

    PLEASE BRING TONE IT UP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caramia

    I would love to see this show come back….even though I’m a 50+ female, even I could relate to these girls motivational style….they’re fun and inspiring (not to mention adorable).

  • Emily

    Season 2, pleeeeeease!!!!! 🙂

  • Jess

    I remember waaaay back when Andy had these two as kitty bartenders on his live show. Katrina made a joke about hinting at another season and Andy quickly made a snide remark back. He said something along the lines of, “oh you’re picking up your own show?” I can’t find the link but I definitely remember this happening. I thought that was rude of Andy. It’s so sad that when something inspirational and moving is on TV and it doesn’t get picked up for another season! I love Katrina and Karena <3

  • mel

    Unfortunately i saw them filming today on the strand in manhattan beach. Show is stupid