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Tom Sandoval Professes His Undying Love For Ariana Madix

So, what do you do when you’re in love so much with someone that they just brighten your life more than you ever thought possible?

Well, you cherish that person, and Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules is making sure his co-star / girlfriend, Ariana Madix, knows just how much he cares about her.

He took to social media to share some experiences he shared with Ariana, and just how much sharing those moments together truly meant to him.

Check out the post below:

Hey Ariana, Remember that day we woke up W/ Hang gliding off a mountain, then a latte? Found beautiful handmade jade jewelry, before jet boating through a canyon inches away from the wall before busting into a 360s? Remember when we shared a “Minty Clinty” before diving fully underwater & jetting out again towards the sky inside a man-made dolphin? Remember right after that, we took the gondola up the mountain then hit the steepest tree to tree zip line in the world?!? Remember hand feeding those beautiful ducks from our back porch, before u slipped into the most stunning red hooded cape(in Queenstown) just in time to catch the most epic sunset on our way to dinner? Do I look happy? Could I be any more happy?!? What if this all happened in one day?!? Well IT DID!! 4 days ago was unreal, life is unreal… When it comes to those moments, ur all I ever want and all I’ll ever need… True to u, true to me, what would exist without u and me-

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No matter how you feel about Tom and Ariana on #PumpRules, there’s one thing for sure, and that’s that the two make one hell of a couple. I mean, they’re a lot more stable than Tom and Kristen ever were together.

And ultimately, you just have to respect that, despite your feelings about them. It looks like they’re truly meant for each other.

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