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Tom Sandoval Drops Bombs About Vanderpump Rules Season 5!

Vanderpump Rules season 5 premieres in just two weeks, and we absolutely can’t wait for the new season to hit airwaves.

We don’t know a ton about the upcoming season, but thanks to Tom Sandoval, whom has seemingly fallen off the Earth since the conclusion of season 4, along with his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, is dishing on some of what we can expect out of the new season!

First up, Tom talks about him and Ariana possibly getting married, and even though he says that their relationship is currently as strong as it’s ever been, he’s just not ready to take the plunge.

He also goes on to talk about cast mate Stassi Schroeder, and that viewers are going to be seeing a whole new Stassi on this season, as she’s matured and trying to live the adult life:

stassi schroeder returns to vanderpump rules

I think Stassi is definitely different from who she was. I think one of the reasons is that there is no way she could come back to the show and be how she was before. That shit ain’t gonna fly this time! She’s definitely grown up a little bit and I appreciate that. You are definitely going to see some of that old Stassi in there too though, that’s for sure.

Tom says that he and Ariana tried their best to stay away from the drama last season:

I really felt like we were in a good place as far as the rest of the group is concerned. We could kind of be as involved as we wanted to be, and no one could give us any shit about it; especially after last year.

Tom also went on to say that Ariana is his partner, and it’s easier to face the drama on #PumpRules when you know your partner is always going to have your back:


I definitely think it’s easier when you’re in relationship. I personally feel a lot stronger with Ariana and vice versa.

Well, that’s great. After all, when you can’t count on your partner to always have your back no matter what; who can you count on?

Maybe this is why Jax Taylor decided to settle down with Brittany Cartwright, as he was always front and center in the drama.

jax taylor sitting on the toilet on vanderpump rules

With his cast mates Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney getting married, Tom feels like the pressure is on now than ever to tie the knot, but he’s just not ready:

I started telling people that every time someone asks Ariana or I when we are getting married, it automatically adds another year.

Even though they may not be ready to get married, he does say that they’ve considered getting a house together:

I wondered if I really needed it. We also don’t get that much of a tax break from it.

Ever wondered what happened to Tom and his music project? Well, he comments on that, too:

[Music will] always be a passion. And there will be more music, but when we got done with the show, I was traveling and we were in the studio. When the show started back up though, I couldn’t be stressed out about it when I am filming the show and I have to be present.

With Jax and Brittany apparently getting their own spinoff show, Tom says that he’d be down to do something like that, but there hasn’t been an offer presented yet.

You can watch the season 5 premiere of Vanderpump Rules on November 7th @ 9pm EST.

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    jax and brittany are getting a spin off? i didnt think they seemed all that interesting but i guess other people do if they got a show of their own! she seems sweet but he still comes across as arrogant and immature. my opinion only btw!