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Thomas Ravenel Uses His Own Kids To Throw MAJOR Jab At Kathryn Dennis

While we’ve all been sitting around wondering what the status of the next season of Southern Charm is, which we have a strong feeling isn’t going to happen, we’ve been keeping up with all of the cast members on social media.

There for a good while, Kathryn Dennis‘ social media presence was just as entertaining as the show, but has since been reduced to nothing more than “modeling,” photos.

Thomas Ravenel, on the other hand, has used his social media as a virtual photo book of himself and his children, which is pretty cool, but we noticed something today.

Check out this photo he posted:

Thomas captioned the photo:

Saint headed to Second Sunday on King Street earlier today. #secondsunday

Now, the question is: do you see what we see?

Saint’s bib says, “I go where daddy goes.”

Now, the question is whether or not this was just a cute little purchase that Thomas didn’t even think about, or if this is a clever jab at Kathryn.

After all, it’s obvious that Thomas is the one with primary custody in the relationship.

We’re going to leave it up to you to tell us what you think:

Is this a jab at Kathryn?

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