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Thomas Ravenel Deletes His “I’m Quitting Southern Charm” Tweet

Only a few days ago, we reported that Thomas Ravenel announced via his Twitter account that this was going to be his last season of Southern Charm. In case you missed the tweet, you can check it out here:

A screenshot of Thomas Ravenel's tweet saying he's quitting Southern Charm.
A screenshot of Thomas Ravenel’s tweet saying he’s quitting Southern Charm.

As you can see, Thomas wasn’t exactly a huge fan of Bravo at that point; saying that the pay wasn’t worth it, and they destroy your life.

Apparently, Ravenel regretted sending the tweet out, because he’s now deleted it from his profile, as if it never even existed. Honestly, he may as well had just left it up, because there’s screenshots of it, so it doesn’t matter if he deletes it or not.

So, what’s up with Thomas deleting the tweet? Did he say it during an emotional moment, and didn’t really mean his words once he had some time to think about it? Will Thomas Ravenel be on season 4 of Southern Charm? Well, we don’t know for sure.  Right now, it’s all still up in the air, as Thomas hasn’t addressed his deleted tweet. We guess he’s going to act like it just never happened.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the new season of Southern Charm, before we can see if Thomas is going to return or not.

In the mean time, the newest episode of Southern Charm airs tomorrow night, Monday, May 9th, at 9/8c.

Are you going to watch it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • Buddy Buddy

    On that same thread he deleted another of his tweets, writing that he wasn’t paying Kathryn’s rent, she was being evicted and that she makes 6 figures from Bravo.