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This Is What Happened To Tamra Judge’s Belly Button

One of the most common questions we always see being asked, is what happened to Tamra Judge’s belly button, or where is Tamra’s belly button?

It’s obvious when you check out the torso of The Real Housewives of Orange County star that something is off. (no pun intended)

That being said, a lot of people wonder if maybe it has something to do with Tamra being into bodybuilding, or something to do with fitness.

tamra judge belly button
As you can see, Tamra Judge practically has no belly button.

Tamra has addressed the issue numerous times as to what happened with her belly button, but the question still gets asked.

So, here’s Tamra’s official response:

I addressed this tonight on @bravowwhl I know this is gross but I keep getting asked the same question ” what happened to your belly button”. For the last time …. 3 years ago, I was home alone and experienced excruciating pain. I called @drdubrow immediately and he told me to call 911. Terry stayed on the phone with me while the paramedics took me to the hospital. He also communicated with the on call surgeon . My stomach wall had burst due to gastric hernia . 5 hours of surgery this is what i was left with. Yep I have a scare and a screwed up belly button but my intestines where saved . Thank you @drdubrow for being that Doctor that cared and took the time . If you need a new case for #botched ? you got my digits ? #fuckedupbellybutton


Tamra's belly button is practically nothing more than a small "slit."
Tamra’s belly button is practically nothing more than a small “slit.”

Tamra actually has a really good point, though. I definitely think she would be an excellent candidate for Terry Dubrow’s show, Botched.

Now, if you want to see a picture Tamra shared of her belly button, after her surgery, you can check it out below, but be warned: it’s not a pretty sight.

Are you ready to see the pic? Are you sure?

Here you go:

tamra's messed up belly button

So, now you finally have the definitive answer as to what happened to Tamra’s belly button, and why she virtually doesn’t have one anymore.

Terry, you need to hook this woman up with a belly button!

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