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Thicker Than Water Season 2 Premiere Date & Preview

thicke than water season 2


11/20 UPDATE: Thicker Than Water Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, January 4 at 9 PM ET/PT. Originally, the series’ 2nd season was announced with a December 21 premiere date. Bravo has not offered an explanation for the delayed start. 

Fans of the popular new series Thicker Than Water will be excited to learn that the family that lives together stays together and returns to Bravo together, too! Join Ben, Jewel, and the rest of their self-proclaimed “Black Brady Bunch” for another season next month.

We’ve also got a preview of Season 2 and it looks like the Tankards will not disappoint! This unpredictable clan continues to live their lives as best as they can with their strong religious convictions at hand. Ben and Jewel, along with their children Brooklyn, Britney, Benji, & Cyrene will be joined at the “Tankard Palace” by Ben’s oldest son, Marcus, along with his wife Trish. Check it out:

Here’s how Bravo describes Thicker Than Water Season 2:

Preacher and patriarch Ben celebrates a year of milestones this season as he turns 50 and his 25th anniversary in music is fast approaching. At the same time, he deals with the twists and turns that come with fatherhood. The real ruler of the household, Jewel, faces what the kids are calling a midlife crisis as she copes with her golden girl and youngest, Cyrene, leaving for college and a rift with her sister that threatens to divide the family. The eldest daughter of the Tankard clan, Brooklyn, finally comes into her own as an entrepreneur, channeling big ideas into money-making opportunities and taking the hair industry by storm. Healthier than ever, Britney embarks on a transformative fitness journey, and when the return of Marcus opens up old wounds, she stands ready to confront her traumatic past. Recently married Benji is motivated to follow in his father’s financially successful footsteps while itching to start a family of his own. An old soul and born leader, Marcus is more concerned with making a difference than with making millions, and when his family discovers the secret he brought home with him, it changes the Tankards forever.

Take a look back at our exclusive interview with Ben and Jewel where we discussed their feelings about Season 1, what they have been up to since filming, and what the future holds for their family and the series.

Were you a fan of Thicker Than Water the first time around? Will you be watching Season 2?

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