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There’s A Petition To Get Landon Clements Fired From Southern Charm!

Southern Charm fans are passionate people, and have been very receptive of newcomer, Landon Clements being featured on the show.

A lot of viewers think that she’s boring, begs for storylines, and is just downright snobby.

Simply put, a lot of viewers just don’t want Landon the show anymore, and one viewer is taking things far enough to start a petition for Bravo to remove Landon from the show.

Get Landon Clements off of Southern Charm. She is a horrible representation of Charleston, SC. IT COULD VERY WE’LL HURT OUR TOURISM.. Ok.probably not, But she needs to go..

You can view the petition for yourself, and add your name to it, if you want, by going here.

This isn’t the first time there’s been petitions started for Bravo to fire cast members from their shows, and it probably won’t be the last time.

Still, if history is a good indicator, Bravo will ignore this petition just like the ones from the past.

Plus, it doesn’t help, since it looks like this petition was slopped together by someone using an iPad with one hand while cooking meth with the other.

In other words, don’t panic, Landon… This probably won’t get you fired.

It will probably be your lack of interesting storylines that do that.

Are you going to sign the petition?

P.S. How long do you think until Kathryn Dennis‘ name shows up on the petition? Are you even allowed to use computers in rehab? Hmmmm….

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