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The New Atlanta Season 2?

The New Atlanta - Season 1


4/8 UPDATE: The New Atlanta did not appear in the renewal lineup Bravo released today. This series is presumed cancelled. 

Last week, Bravo’s latest Atlanta-based docu-series wrapped Season 1. The New Atlanta followed the next generation of the city’s trailblazing young professionals as they struggled to achieve their dreams and find love (mostly with each other). I followed Africa, Alex, Tribble, Emily, and Vawn from the stage-setting premiere through to the final curtain call. It was a pretty bumpy ride but, I’ll admit, I was entertained throughout. Now, the question becomes, will Bravo renew The New Atlanta for a second season?

To answer this question, let’s run through some of the key factors that play into the success or failure of a Bravo reality project. The New Atlanta had some good things going for it but also fell short in some areas.

Casting. With a diverse group of hot, young(ish) people driving this show there was plenty of drama to go around. They don’t come much crazier than Alex. (Remember “Watch your back!” at the coffee shop with Africa, her argument against women’s suffrage at Vawn’s “seminar”, and then there was the stalker limo scene in the season finale…huh wah!?) Vawn, too, was definitely an interesting character to get to know. The scenes with his son were super sweet but he has some seriously confused notions about what women want. Gotta also love the casting of Emily Lipman, self-proclaimed “unicorn”–a Jewish Southern fashionista who likes four-wheeling. Africa had us rooting for her all season and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to watch a shirtless Tribble Reese model tight jeans on TV? So, I say, Bravo hit the casting nail on the head with this crew. 

The New Atlanta - Season 1

Romance. One of the factors that seems to keep viewers coming back for more is when we get to watch reality TV cast-mates hit it off. I’d say The New Atlanta fell just a little bit short in this category. The leading couple from this season was, I suppose, Africa and Vawn. First they were just working together, then they hooked up, then Africa pretended she was cool with Vawn’s whole “honesty makes it ok to cheat” theory and, in the end, Vawn decides that maybe they should go away for a weekend to see if they can have something more. I’m not holding my breath for these two to make it down the altar anytime soon. Alex may be right that she’s the better match for Vawn’s unique breed of crazy. The other couple I was rooting for this season was Emily and Tribble. I was really hoping they’d end up being this show’s version of Courtney and Matt (Most Eligible Dallas)–close friends who eventually realize they have feelings for each other. No such luck, though. Maybe they’re saving that one for season 2?

The New Atlanta - Season 1

Fan Following. Finally, and most importantly for its chances of renewal, let’s take a look at what kind of following The New Atlanta was able to muster. The biggest thing it had going for it was probably it’s lead-in from I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding. NeNe had solid ratings throughout her season and at least some of those viewers did seem to stick around for The New Atlanta. Bravo switched things up a bit the week of the finale airing The New Atlanta’s second-to-last episode on a Sunday night after the I Dream of NeNe wedding finale. This episode, as a result, boasted season-high viewership. However, without NeNe’s lead in, The New Atlanta’s finale episode, the following Tuesday, posted season LOW viewership numbers. We’re talking about only half the people who tuned in for Sunday night’s post-NeNe episode came back and tuned in for Tuesday’s finale. 1,137,000 down to 607,000, to be exact. OUCH. That brought the season average viewership down to a level that hasn’t meant renewal for most other Bravo one-off shows in the past. We’ve seen 4 shows get renewed so far this year for a second season: Vanderpump Rules, Married to Medicine, Newlyweds: The First Year, and Below Deck. All of them had higher ratings than The New Atlanta.

Overall, my guess is that we’ve probably seen the last of The New Atlanta. While the cast was entertaining and there was plenty of drama, the numbers speak for themselves. What do you think? Did you watch and, if so, would you like to see a second season?

The New Atlanta - Season 1

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  • gabby

    yes season 2

    • I wish so badly you all would bring this show back!!!!!! Please pleas please

    • tg

      yes to season 2

  • jennifer

    ready for season 2!!! ii didnt even realize it was a season finale and was going crazy trying to find out where the show went! i miss it ~~

    • Lili Klein

      Glad we could help you get to the bottom of that 🙂 I’ll be sure to keep you posted if I hear anything on Season 2!

    • Danielle

      Forreal ! I’m like when the next episode

  • Emma Lingwood

    Yes, yes, yes to Season 2. We need to know what happens to Vawn & Africa and of course would love to see Tribble & Emily get together lol.

  • Dominica Gonzales

    Yes we need to have season 2 I want to see what happens with Africa and Vawn

  • FlawLess&Brown

    I absolutely watched and I am completely surprised that there is a chance that a season 2 will never happen. I’m disappointed to say the least. I watched every episode. I think young(ish) was a perfect description of the cast however some of the drama filled things they did contributed to their age and i’d much rather see these younger fools than older fools doing the same things i.e- Love N Hiphop, Married to Medicine etc. which I didn’t watch half as much as The New Atlanta. I was really looking forward to seeing whats next for Alex “Muthaf*****g Dilworth” Lol

  • Tonya Johnson

    They should definitely be brought back, I had no idea it was such a good show, Emily is hilarious! I would definitely watch!

  • anitram

    I’d watch it if it came on again but I didn’t really care for Emily. I got the distinct feeling that she really wasn’t Africas friend, tolerated her and the other blacks on the show. I also felt she went too hard about Vawn and that secretly she wanted to find out what the fuss was all about. Jmo

    • Michael Armstrong

      Uh no that’s just how us southern ” white ” girls are

  • Avie Wallace

    yes, season two is well needed!! i’m obsessing on what will happen next.

  • gina

    Yes season 2……..season 2, alread!



  • Jamie

    Season 2, Season 2!!!!!!! If that catastrophe honey boo boo show can have more then 1 season then The New Atlanta can have it too…it’s all about advertising and for season 1 this show wasn’t being advertised like it should….so I believe if Bravo would do better advertising The New Atlanta it will have more viewers.

  • angel

    Please bring a season 2 I loved this show… least give it another chance. I think bravo will be surprised that the number of viewers will be netter. Please re-consider.

  • theresa west-owens

    yes i enjoyed the new atlanta show, especially watching Vawn’s fine a$$!!

  • delia

    i love the show, they need a second season. Please bring back New Atlanta

  • Danielle

    It should def’ly be another season. Just to see how Africa and Vawn little trip played out and see where they are now. Did Alex mature a little more, cause with her childish ways, Vawn and Alex would have never made it plus her hairline was fucked up. When I first saw her I thought she was like a trannie or something. Emily has some secrets that with more seasons can be aired out. This cast crew has so much instore if giving a chance. BRING A SEASON TWO !! PLEASE !!!

  • Arianne

    SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arianne

    If the series is different (which it is), entertaining (check), relevant (double-check), then obviously there is a marketing problem. You owe the loyal fans of season 1 …a season 2. And make a decision already!! This series deserves to go on. It’s better than alot of your other series. … don’t make me point em out!!

  • sherrylovesp

    Please bring Season 2 to Bravo!!!!!

  • Jayla

    I really liked this show. My sister and I watched every episode. It deserves a second chance.

  • Michael Armstrong

    I loved the show and the cast members!!!!! BRING BACK THE NEW ATLANTA!!!!!!!

  • Tia

    Please bring New Atlanta back for Season 2 I loved that show!!!!! I think it just needs better marketing. I never saw it advertised I just happened to scroll through the channels one day and stumble upon it. From that moment I was hooked!!!

  • Carie Moreau

    More Vawn! I was here looking to see when it is scheduled to air again and 🙁

  • on my level…

    Need a second season, I love the show….

  • jia

    Were the hell is season 2 NOWWWWWWW…..

  • jia

    I won’t more I won’t more

  • theresa

    Loved this show!!!! Please renew for 2nd season…are you going to renew???? And if not ..then why??

  • Kim Griffin

    Please bring it back I love this show !!

  • Renee S.


  • ErickaOhnou Snipedhisnewbish W

    Yes yes and neck yes I’m tired of house wife sequels ugh new Atlanta was amazing

  • Brittany

    Omg. I miss this show. I wonder what they all are doing now. Ugh.