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“The Hell With My Family, I Just Like Being Famous,” David Beador Only With Shannon Beador For The Fame!

Ever since his cheating scandal, his marriage with the Real Housewives of Orange County star, Shannon Beador, has never been the same.

Now an insider is speculating that David Beador is only interested in saving his marriage just so he can remain in the Bravo spotlight.

Shannon and David are still fighting to save their marriage, but everyone around them feels like the only reason David is still with her is because it keeps him famous.

The weight gain apparently isn’t helping matters, as Shannon has put on a massive 40+ pounds and she’s admitted that it’s put a strain on her relationship, which was already teetering on the edge.

As us #RHOC fans know, David has already admitted to having an 8-month long affair with Nicole McMackin and Shannon decided to stay with him.

After David cheated on Shannon, he got so much hate from everyone.

Things only got worse for David’s reputation when Vicki Gunvalson decided to accuse him of beating Shannon.

Shannon is not blaming Vicki anymore for her weight gain, but she is blaming her for trying to intentionally destroy her marriage to David.

You would think that David wouldn’t want to break his family up, but apparently, his main concern is losing out on the spotlight:

If they were to get a divorce, he would be off the show. Not only is he loving being famous, but he also loves the extra income it gives him.

Shannon is doing her best to keep the family together, as she’s trying to shed some weight for him:

She has lost a little bit of weight and she is trying so hard to keep him happy.


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  • Birgit Banyak Van Beber

    This is freaking sad . I was wondering why Shannon said that they grew apart again and she thinks it’s because of her gaining weight ! Hell no he wants to be seen on TV to get his Fame , what an Ass , Shannon needs to get rid of him , he is a no good SOB and I bet he is still having an Afair probably with the same women from last year .