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The Bravos Was A Ratings Disaster – See The Numbers

The Bravos sounded like a good idea on paper, but the actual execution was something that only hardcore fans would love.

With all of the publicity going into promoting The Bravos, you would have thought that it would have been a total success, and honestly, I thought the program itself would have came off better than it actually did.

After all, us Bravoholics had the opportunity to vote for the winners of each award on the Bravo website, there were some pretty fun award categories, and I was under the impression that a lot of Bravo stars would be on-hand for Bravo’s first ever award show — but I was wrong.

I’m not totally hating on The Bravos, or trying to talk smack, because I actually liked the awards show, but I could see why people wouldn’t.

Honestly, it was like watching a kid that just got their first camcorder and they decide they’re going to go out with their friends and try to make a little movie, or something.

It was a novelty thing, and that’s okay, but I could still see why some people wouldn’t like it.

So, how many viewers tuned in for The Bravos?


… Ouch.

andy cohen shaking head

That’s right, BravoholicsThe Bravos wasn’t even able to hit 1 million viewers. Heck, it barely made it past the halfway mark, as a matter of fact.

We really hope that this doesn’t sway Bravo from doing another awards show next year.

After all, this was the first year for The Bravos, and they’re definitely going to learn from this experience, and it should only make their next awards show better.

Honestly, this year’s Bravos, even though we liked it, looked like something Andy Cohen threw together after he got massively high and decided to write down sketches on post-it notes.

Let’s hope that this isn’t the last year of The Bravos, and next year’s is better!

What did you think about The Bravos? What would you do to make it better?

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  • Rebels Collectibles

    I think the show was probably more fun for the Bravo family and other participants. My friends & I were opposed to the “honoring” of the Giudice Family and turned it off.

    • Sadie Marie