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Tamra Judge Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Her Estranged Daughter

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, is definitely not invincible, and she’s missing her estranged daughter tremendously.

This was evident in a post she decided to share on her social media account, stating that her heart breaks every single day for her daughter, and she misses her so much that it’s practically unbearable.

Tamra hasn’t spoken to her daughter, Sidney, in over two years, because of a nasty falling out between her, and Tamra’s ex-husband, Simon.

In 2015, Sidney released a statement saying that she was “verbally and physically abused,” by the couple, but Tamra says that Sidney wasn’t the person who actually penned the statement.

Still yet, Tamra’s heart aches for her daughter, as she posted this photo below on her social media account:


Tamra included this tear-jerking caption along with the photo:

My heart hurts everyday and praying and keeping busy is all I can do to stop the tears. I’m balling my eyes out watching. I miss my daughter so much I sometimes feel like I could die of a broken heart 💔. It’s in God hands #iwillnevergiveuponyouSidney

Wow. This is truly a shame.

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  • Michael

    Sorry but no sympathy for Tamra. Other than constantly bashing her daughter’s father, she is still doing the same things that made her daughter turn away from her in the first place.