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Tamra Judge Isn’t Letting Age Get Her Down; Shares Hilarious Throwback Picture

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, just turned 49-years-old today, even though her best friends and fellow #RHOC cast mates had a birthday party for her yesterday.

Even though she’s getting older, she says that you shouldn’t even pay attention to your age in a recent picture she shared on social media:

tamra judge motivational

Whether you like the woman or not, you have to admit she’s definitely dedicated when it comes to her overall fitness.

She added this caption to her photo:

First day of 49….🎂 Headed to the gym to kick ages ass 💪🏽 #oldasdirt #kickingmenopausesass #49andfeelingdevine

She’s not sitting around and eating cake and ice cream, folks. Instead, you can see her at the gym getting her swoll on, so we definitely have to give her props for doing what she does, and having the dedication to stick with it.

If it were my birthday, you’d find me laying on the couch binge watching some Bravo while munching down on cake and ice cream, and there’s no doubt about that.

In celebration of her birthday, Tamra also decided to share an old school picture of herself, giving us a glimpse into her past:

young tamra judge

She captioned the photo:

#FBF. My 21st birthday 😂😂😂. #perm #tan #braces #denim #1988

Well, you can’t feel too bad, Tamra.

I think we all have some cringeworthy moments when we go through the shoebox filled with old pictures of ourselves.  😆

All joking aside, we hope you’re having an awesome 49th birthday!

Now, go pump some iron.

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