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Tamra Judge Finally Comes Clean About Massive Plastic Surgery

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, posted an old school picture of herself up on her Instagram account a few days ago, which sparked a metric ton of plastic surgery rumors.

However, as we all know, Tamra has never come clean about the plastic surgery she’s had and has always denied it.

Recently, Tamra showed up on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen so she could promote the newest season of #RHOC and that’s when she decided to show off her new paid-for face.

Cohen first asked Tamra about her incredible tan, but then he went on to ask, “What’s happening with your face right now?”

In other words, “It’s obvious that you’ve had a massive amount of plastic surgery, so why don’t you just own up to it?”

Tamra tried to beat around the bush a little bit as if the whole fandom didn’t already know that she’s had plastic surgery, but she finally admitted that since it’s her 10th anniversary as a Housewife, she decided to treat herself a little bit.

I went and saw Dr. Ambe. I had my neck and lower face done fifteen days ago.

Cohen went on to ask her about her facelift, which Tamra refers to as a comeback:

I went to Dr. Ombre, me and Shannon Beador did this year, and we’re talking about skin procedures and Shannon had like foreskin put on her face.

Well, I guess that brings a whole new meaning to the term, “dick face.”

So I told him that ever since I lost so much body fat competing that my skin is like drooping. He said, ‘gain ten percent body fat or have it pulled.’

She also went on to admit that she had some staples behind her ears removed.

Tamra has also admitted that she’s had her breasts done “a million times.”

Still, it’s obvious that she’s had more done than what she’s admitting to.

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