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Tamra & Eddie: The Wedding


6/18 UPDATE: Tamra & Eddie’s wedding took place 6/15. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to see in the spinoff:

6/10 UPDATE: The spin-off has a name and a date! “Tamra’s OC Wedding” (no points for creativity) will debut Monday, Sept 2 at 8/7c. And, it turns out it will not be a full-on series. Instead, viewers can expect a 3-part limited series airing on three consecutive Mondays in September.

In case you’ve been wondering why we haven’t gotten any details about Tamra & Eddie’s wedding plans so far this season on the Real Housewives of Orange County, we have a sneaking suspicion it has less to do with an actual lack of planning and more to do with what’s just been officially announced: there will be a wedding special!

According to an exclusive from Radar Online, Tamra Barney will be starring in her own Bravo spin-off, following in the footsteps of television-brides Bethenny Frankel and Kim Zolciak. A NeNe Leakes wedding spin-off is also currently in the works.

“Tamra is the perfect choice for the next Housewife to get her own show,” the insider told Radar. “For Bravo, she has it all: the romantic storyline of getting married, for a third time, the drama with the other OC Housewives and she’ll inevitably be a beautiful bride, when she walks down the aisle.”

Apparently, the drama Bravo is looking for has already started, too. Filming for the as-yet-unnamed show began at the couple’s his-and-her bachelor/bachelorette parties at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, a source close to production revealed. We’re hearing that the only Housewife in attendance at this shindig was Heather Dubrow. That’s right– no Gretchen and no Vicki. This leads us to the conclusion that Tamra and Vicki aren’t going to work out their evident differences by the end of this season of RHOC. But what about Gretchen? We couldn’t help but notice a few little cracks in that BFF foundation seeming to develop in this week’s episode. Tamra didn’t appear to like that Gretchen acted disrespectful at Heather’s sitcom taping. She also seemed to think Gretchen’s explanation of her birthday “gift”, a Rolls-Royce, was a little weird. Perhaps this will develop into a larger issue?

Or, maybe we’re jumping the gun and Vicki and/or Gretchen just had a scheduling conflict that weekend.

But back to the wedding special!

What can we expect from a Tamra & Eddie wedding?

In a recent interview, Tamra revealed that they plan to have two weddings.

“We’re thinking about maybe going to Mexico with the kids and [our parents]… and then coming home and having a big fabulous wedding for hundreds of people,” Barney said.

But she’s not looking for anything too “over-the-top.”

“Me and Eddie are very simple people and we don’t need all the frills and fancy, so I’m hoping it’s going to stay small and intimate with a lot of love,” she said. “That’s all I want — a lot of love.”

But wait, in an interview with E, Tamra added “Despite being married before I have never had a big wedding, so I am really excited to throw a big wedding,” she adds. “Clearly, I have saved the best for last.”

“There are a few great surprises, and I am excited the viewers are going to be able to witness them and live through this experience with me—they’ve been through it all with me.”

So, sounds like she’s going for small and intimate AND big and surprising… guess that’s where the two weddings will come into play.

Bravo had no comment to Radar about the spin-off, though a network insider said it had not yet been decided the length of the spin-off, or if it would be a one-off special. But their source did say “Expect a formal announcement soon.”

We’ll be on the lookout!


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