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Take 2: Shahs of Sunset Season 4 Premiere Date!

Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

Good news Shahs fans! It appears Shah’s of Sunset’s production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions, has resolved the labor dispute which had previously delayed the original Season 4 premiere. As the planned October 13 start date came and went over three months ago, we’d heard nothing but radio silence until now from Bravo about the fan favorite show’s eventual return. But, whatever was going on behind the scenes, it only served to make us that much more excited for this next season of Shahs! It’s still a couple of months away but at least we can now get the premiere *back* on our calendar!

Shahs of Sunset Season 4 will premiere Monday, March 2 @ 9:00 pm ET/PT!

Here’s a refresher of what you can expect from the new season:

Reza is newly engaged and planning a wedding with fiancé Adam, but with the impending nuptials he starts to wonder if he is ready for a lifelong commitment.  Asa is helping to fund a home renovation for her parents, but as she struggles to deal with them temporarily moving in, she finds solace in a new art project that reaches oppressed women everywhere.  Mike is getting over his fears of commitment and as his girlfriend, Jessica, completes her conversion to Judaism, he prepares to take the plunge and finally propose.  Perpetually single, MJ, may have found Mr. Right with new boyfriend, Charlie, but as she braces him to meet her super protective group of friends and worse yet, her mom Vida, questions about her own ability to start a family arise.  GG is taking a break from men after she split with her boyfriend two days before they were supposed to move in together.  She starts spending more time with her friend of ten years, spitfire Asifa, but it is only a temporary distraction before she gets back into the man game.

We’ve also got details about the mysterious new cast member who had shown up in the TV ad spot but went unnamed, until now! Meet Asifa Mirza: Shahs of Sunset - Season 4

New cast member, Asifa Mirza, is half Indian, half Persian, and 100% hot. She is charmingly gullible and a little clumsy, but when crossed she is a force that far outweighs her tiny frame.  Currently studying for graduate school, Asifa lives a very pampered life thanks to her retired boyfriend/ex-husband/possible fiancé, Bobby.  A highly passionate couple, Asifa and Bobby are constantly at odds, but she is trying one last time to extract a new marriage proposal from her former husband.

See for yourself in the epic Season 4 preview:

Checkout our previous post for more info and pics from the new season!

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